Muhammad Bilal Azhar

As the co-founder and CMO of Agiled, Bilal brings a unique blend of strategic marketing expertise and creative flair. When not driving growth for Agiled, you can find him putting pen to paper to share his insights on AI, startups, growth hacking, marketing, and freelancing. With a passion for all things technology and a love for the beautiful game, Bilal is a die-hard Real Madrid fan and spends his weekends on the football pitch. His mission is to inspire and educate the next generation of entrepreneurs and marketers through his writing

Successful Entrepreneur

What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are the soul of an enterprise. The operation and development of an enterprise are the credit of the entire team, but the entrepreneur often determines an enterprise’s breakthrough. A good business person is good at evaluating the situation, having insight, thinking quickly, and making decisions. Many other qualities are in one body, so how …

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Web design Vector image

25 Best free resources for web designers

In order to be the best designer, you need to be creative and pick the right tools for your work. There is a wide range of products available for designing projects. Web designers can pick several development tools, design tools, graphic design templates, social icons, vector illustrations, graphic resources, commercial fonts, etc., from different websites. …

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Graphic Designers

Best Blogs for Graphic Designers

There are several graphic design blogs. The design community updates the blogs from the experience and knowledge of talented designers. The designers can take creative inspiration from the blogs. This daily inspiration is helpful for the creative community.  Design skills and, precisely, graphic design skills help web designers in their graphic design projects. Few of …

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real estate agent

20 Best Tools for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents’ tools are systems that streamline various operations related to real estate brokerage and management. For example, real estate leasing involves many people, including landlords, management companies, brokerage companies, and tenants, and often involve complex interactions. The content of our work includes: Managing information on vacant properties. Creating advertisements. Posting on portal sites. …

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Gym Tools

16 Best Gym Tools

Gym tools have different functions. Therefore, the selection of gym tools is undoubtedly an important point. Here we explain the 16 Best Gym Tools. CARDIOVASCULAR MACHINES RESISTANCE MACHINES FREE WEIGHT EQUIPMENT CARDIOVASCULAR MACHINES  Treadmill Treadmills are used for walking or running at your own pace in an indoor setting. This is a must-have thing if …

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