22 Best Online Marketing Tools for Successful Campaigns-2024

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Marketing tools are the most important part of any business, and if you want to be successful in your online marketing efforts, you must have a good set of tools.
This article will look at the 22 best online marketing tools available today. These marketing tools range from free to premium, covering almost every aspect of marketing.


The major theme of Hotjar revolves around “connecting dots with one powerful solution.” It allows marketers to get insight into the users’ behavior. The process includes heat mapping. Heatmaps are a wonderful way to know about your users’ wants and what they actually do when they visit your site. You can get to know the reasons for their frustration which pushes them to leave your website. Moreover, it also tells about the users’ interests. Hotjar offers paid plans for all sorts of businesses.

LinkedIn Ads

If you are into paid advertising, then programmatic advertising is your best option. It automates your media purchase using software, so your ads are automatically displayed. Programmatic advertising helps you save time. You don’t have to search for suitable websites for advertising. You can use LinkedIn Programmatic Ads. It gives you leverage to post your ads and updates and share them with the targeted audience.


Retargeting is quite a popular tool in today’s world. It draws back the customers to your site again to make a purchase. AdRoll provides the best retargeting experience, in which you can access up to 50 plus ad exchanges that revolve around the major social media platforms. You can see the life in your sales using this website.


All the marketers try to reach all the people on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook. There are millions and millions of people who use social media on a daily basis. One of the smartest tools for user engagement is Wyng. It actually helps transform the way in which brands can engage mobile users. Wyng comes with different price plans. It has a built-in analytics dashboard that monitors each campaign’s performance and helps boost engagement using hashtags, contests, and much more.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another one of the best online marketing tools that facilitates you in reaching out to your audience on social media accounts, managing the accounts, and bringing forth critical software for boosting businesses. This site paves the way for speedy and smooth communication with customers on different social media channels and introduces new social media tools that help establish effective communications by letting you see, respond, and work collaboratively and quickly.

For instance, Sprout Social detects all the mentions and combines them in one place, making it easier for you to monitor the response when the audience mentions your account. It also helps you streamline your content and add suggestions.

Google Analytics

Numbers are the dream of any marketer. We base our decisions and determinations on numbers. So what are the decisions and determinations that Google Analytics assist us with? Locations of the users, site traffic, and landing pages get assistance from Google Analytics. They are the tools that measure your site’s health and your business strategy’s effectiveness.
It also educates us about our site and audience. Moreover, it helps in monitoring our site, and not surprisingly, it is one of the most widely used analytics platforms available these days. It also provides an accessible and better understanding of your audience.


The businesses that upload blogs on their website don’t want to see their blogs just placed in cyberspace but in front of the public’s eyes. SEMRush makes it possible for you. In the case of SEO, you require an all-rounder marketing tool that can not only do keyword research but also assist you in keeping track of your site: tracking the positions of keywords, site analytics, and/or backlinks. It can also be used to review organic search rankings for your keywords and observe what the contestants have executed. It offers a lot, has a monthly fee, and needs some time to learn the program.


Buzzstream is an exciting tool for reaching out to influencers and productive prospects. New bloggers, websites, and social media profiles can be added while browsing. A seemingly personal outreach can be conducted. It can impressively keep track of your communications by automatically saving your tweets and emails. Moreover, reminders can be set to keep a record of each conversation.
It provides you with the perfect way to scan and prioritize your most important contacts. It helps in research and offers various fee plans for users. It offers you a free trial. Last but not least, it is user-friendly.


ActiveCollab is a wonderful tool for planning tasks and facilitates organizing your or your client’s task. It is a nice platform to make sure that everyone is on the same page. With this, you can comment and assign tasks to everyone included in the projects. For marketing, tasks and organization are musts. With the crucial collaboration of the team and time management, you can streamline everyone and everything.

ActiveCollab allows collaboration which makes the working environment conducive. Although it is user-friendly yet its search function is quite poor.

Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Insights

It is an ideal way to enhance the use of your business Facebook profile. You can manage campaigns, monitor analytics, and exploit all that Facebook extends. Be it seeing an ad or formerly boosted post or creating a new ad; this tool will amazingly facilitate you in your social media arena. With Facebook introspection, you can easily monitor user interactions. Any admin on your page can see the responses of the followers on your page and can monitor the strength of active users using this tool. It amazingly helps us better understand the performance of your page.

Facebook Insights detects the ideal time of the day and/or week to post. Facebook Business Manager has no fee for business accounts. The synthetics are not intuitive, so it is quite possible to get lost.

Google Search Console

Google is a widely used search engine. They offer you many tools to improve your site and get a great rank in search. You will have to utilize the tools offered by them to make the most of Google. Google Search Console is a great tool for you that helps you measure your website’s performance and traffic. This app helps you in ranking your website on Google’s top pages. Moreover, it is free of cost, and anyone can access it.

Google Ads provide an exciting way to promote your website, page, or services. With the help of Google Ads, you can easily promote your brand or any company. It helps you in finding the relevant users. The Google Ad service is quite pricey compared to other such services.


Optmyzr is an exciting tool that can help you maximize your Ads or to optimize them. You can easily pull a quality score using this application. The higher your quality score is, the lower the cost per click. The program helps you in optimizing your reports in less time. It makes PC engagement easier.


Moz offers a lot of options for SEO and also website monitoring. Using Moz, you can monitor your website, check keywords, and also check your website’s domain authority. Moz bar is an extension of Google Chrome which is quite easy to use. You can check your domain authority easily using this without any hassle. The paid versions also help you in tracking client campaigns.


Ahrefs is a great tool for checking keywords, seeing your competitors’ backlinks, and knowing your website’s backlinks. This exciting tool helps you with keyword research, backlink research, content research, and other website monitoring tasks. It is an easy-to-use keyword search tool that provides help in digital marketing. It offers a $7 free trial for a week, where you can use all features provided by Ahrefs.

Google Keyword Planner

If you want to find the keywords that can help you rank, then you can easily rely on Google Keyword Planner. Keywords can be used for PPC and also for SEO purposes. It helps a great deal in marketing efforts only if you know its actual usage.


If you are a content writer, then Grammarly is going to help you a lot. It is free, which will help with editing. The paid version has premium features for rewriting your sentence, checking for plagiarism, etc. You can install Grammarly, which will work well on any document you write. You can also copy and paste the material on the Grammarly website for proofreading purposes.


Canva is a great tool for designing logos without any cost. You can create colorful posters, flyers, etc., using Canva. There are thousands of free features and templates available in Canva. You can create business cards, covers, etc., for your business. The paid version offers other exciting Camva features and shapes.


FunnelDash is a wonderful tool for converting your leads into your clients. It uses Facebook Messenger as its tool for growth. You can get hold of new clients using it. They offer a free trial for you to understand its functioning.


Buffer helps you in organizing your social media campaigns and helps you in streamlining everything. It is in one platform that is only designed to help you in managing your things well. You can also link other apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Kinkindin for scheduling your posts. It gets hard to manage different accounts, so Buffer comes in to help you out. It is free of cost for up to 1 profile.


Dropbox is a wonderful tool for sharing images, documents, and other material. You don’t need to carry your material anywhere using Flash Drive or hard drive. You can access your material using Dropbox anywhere. This cloud-based website allows you to share your material with other clients and keep it encrypted without worrying about hacking.


For marketing purposes, you need to organize things first. Trello is a wonderful application that allows you to organize things well. Trello is about project management and organization. You can organize your tasks using Trello by adding cards. Moreover, it is free of cost.

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