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Graphic Designers

There are several graphic design blogs. The design community updates the blogs from the experience and knowledge of talented designers. The designers can take creative inspiration from the blogs. This daily inspiration is helpful for the creative community.  Design skills and, precisely, graphic design skills help web designers in their graphic design projects. Few of them are run by individual graphic designers, whereas entire organizations run some. This article will shed light on some of the best blogs of all time.

The Inspiration Grid

As the name suggests, it is the amalgamation of powerful and exciting images which appeal to aesthetics. You can click on any single image, and the entire collection of that designer will come in front of you. This app will work wonders if you want to see different styles in one place.

Smashing Magazine 

The articles in Smashing Magazine focus majorly on the SEO, UX, and other aspects of any design. The articles range from different usable tips and principles of SEO and ways to improve the mobile design in different ways.

Adobe Create Magazine

The slogan of this app is “By creatives, for the creatives.” As the slogan suggests, you can be creative by reading articles from this blog. This blog covers almost all aspects like audio, motion graphics, photography, branding ideas,, and many tutorials. The exciting content and artist interviews are a unique feature of this blog.’

Identity Designed 

It is about brand identities. This blog tells about the branding choices and designs and what inspired them to choose that particular design. The blog covers all international brands.


It provides a user-friendly and easy medium to enter the design industry. It also accepts positive feedback from followers. It is a visual blog that encompasses the trends in designs and the 3D outlook of all designs too. There are hundreds of tutorials that are interesting in Adobe Photoshop.


It provides a refreshing vibe to the readers and guides them about being creative as graphic designers. While focusing on the guidelines of the clients and being creative at the same time, this blog will help you a lot. 

Make Nice

Make Nice is more inclined towards the networking side of graphic designing. This blog answers questions about graphic designing, different resources, and tips for graphic designers. 

Creative Overflow

It presents different dishes on one plate. It provides informational articles, professional advice, inspirational videos, design tutorials, and other resources. It publishes articles written by different professionals, and the blog is updated daily. 


Dribble provides an opportunity for graphic designers to showcase their work and help others learn something from each other. You can get inspiration from seeing someone’s work on Dribbble and promote your designs in the web designers’ community. 

One Extra Pixel

It is a digital ground for creative people who love creating new stuff. It is basically an educational platform for web designers who want to carve and polish their skills. The step-wise guides present in One Extra Pixel are pretty helpful for you.

Creative Bloq

The design tips, tricks, and inspiration can be inhaled by web designers using Creative Bloq. It encompasses 3D images, different designs, animation, and illustration. The readers can sharpen and strengthen their skills by learning new ideas and models in the web designing world. 

TemplateMonster Post

This blog is inclined towards WordPress. There is a lot of information about the free resources for professional freelancers, business owners, or web designers. This one will greatly help you if you want to polish your web designing skills.

You the Designer

It helps you jot down cutting-edge tips for designing in one go. This blog highlights and publishes the work of the best designers worldwide. The blog is rich in imagery and provides great inspiration for newbies. 

Art of the Menu

The taste is important, but the menu card makes the first impression and needs to be creatively designed. This blog covers creative menu designs from all over the world. 

She Designs Books

She Designs Books covers creative and innovative book covers that fascinate readers at first glance. The book’s cover says a lot about the entire book, so this blog will help you be a creative book cover designer in different ways. 

SideBAR does not create any contention of its own. It just picks the best 5 articles from the web daily and posts them here. This blog is the best destination if you want to stay updated with new articles and can’t carve time to check the web. 


Dieline was initiated in 2007 and is working best for the world’s packaging industry. It pours new, creative, innovative ideas and solutions for the packaging industry. 

TED Talks

TED talks are the best blog website for getting new skills, ideas, and innovation. It includes several lectures on the design. The articles include real-life examples, which makes it easy for you to relate them to your work. 


Colossal is a platform linked with visual expression. It keeps you updated with different innovation, design, and creativity areas. It informs the readers and lets them find inspiration from others.

It’s Nice That

This blog website encourages articles and posts closely related to creativity, including animation, photography, illustration, and design. The blog believes that everyone can learn at any stage of life and can create exciting and engaging work.

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