What is time log?

What is Time Log

A time log is a chronological set of records that track time for employees’ activities. It gives an overview of the time spent working and the needed time for future tasks and activities.

Time management skills are directly proportional to a time log. A time log is an effective tool for time management. It also helps you include or exclude the functions based on the time log record.

There are a lot of benefits to time tracking. Freelancers rely on the time log tool to charge on an hourly basis. Moreover, small businesses also use it to track different tasks to hire or fire employees.

Activity Logs

Activity logs deal with the time taken by the employees to complete a particular activity. It includes the details of the task, assigned completion dates, and the time taken to complete it.

The activity log is another term used for time logs, and it helps the business prosper by handling unlimited projects and unlimited users at once. It gives a clear picture of the tasks done in the company. It also tells you the number of hours wasted and utilized for the work.  

Maintaining Activity log

It is essential to correctly add the details of your time doing all the office hours or a whole day. You can manually create the activity log or use any time-tracking software. Just remember to follow the following steps:

  • Do not skip any activity that has taken even 10 minutes of your entire day.
  • Make separate columns for the day, date, activity, time, and assigned work description.
  • Properly form rows and columns.
  • Enter your activities throughout the day.
  • Enter the starting and finishing times of each activity.
  • Divide the productive and unproductive activities.
  • You may also add your emotions while working, like tired, happy, exhausted, frustrated, etc.

Benefits of Activity Logs:

Tracking time is beneficial for everyone in different ways:

  • It helps you accomplish your goals in real-time by performing different types of tasks.
  • It gives you an accurate picture of where you are putting your energy.
  • It helps you exclude repetitive tasks.
  • It helps you record the exact time used for any task.
  • It is beneficial in scheduling time for work to be completed within the deadline.
  • The billable time is easily trackable at any time of day. 
  • It helps in unlimited tracking.

Daily log

Daily logs are beneficial in maintaining daily tasks. It helps you keep track of all the things you have done in a single day. Business owners can use the daily log to add details of all the supplies used, the work done by employees, the number of pending tasks, etc.

Some people prefer making a manual daily log, whereas others depend on time-tracking software that helps record the time and schedule the next day’s work accordingly.

Benefits of Daily log

  • It helps you organize the next day’s task based on your today’s performance.
  • It helps in keeping proper track of the pending and completed tasks.
  • It helps you achieve your goals faster.
  • It helps you know the extra activities you are investing your time in.
  • It keeps a chronological record so you can get back and check your routine matters.

Should I keep a time log?

Yes, a time log saves a lot of time in completing different tasks easily. You can easily plan your activities in a specific timeframe.

How do I keep track of my time?

With a time log, you can easily keep track of your time. The time log gives you a proper graph of the time you spend doing each activity.  

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