Car Sale Contract Template

Looking for a free Car Sale Contract template? Then look no further. You’ll find one here. Our team has crafted an Car Sale Contract template that will help you create a contract between yourself and your client.

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Free Car Sale Contract Template Samples

To help you grow your Business we have made a quite simple yet reliable Car Sale Contract template in Word and PDF versions so you can use it repeatedly.
What’s in this template?
  • Buyer details
  • Seller details
  • Selling date
  • Price details
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What is a Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale?

A bill of sale if the formal legal document that is signed by both buyer and seller. It mentions the transfer of possession of motor vehicles from one person to another. The personal details of buyer and seller along with the description of the motor vehicle are mentioned in it.

What Is a Vehicle Purchase Agreement?

The vehicle purchase agreement is a formal document that confirms the sale of a vehicle. It is an agreement signed between a buyer and a seller. It gives a proof to the buyer that now he has the possession of the purchased vehicle.

Do you need a contract to sell a car?

Yes , it is really important to have a proper contract for selling or buying a car. If you are purchasing any vehicle, make sure to have a properly drafted bill of sale. It has all the information that proves that you are the rightful owner of the vehicle now.

What documents should I get when buying a used car?

When buying a used car, you need to have following documents:

  1. Bill of sale
  2. The mileage details document
  3. Logbook
  4. Vehicle service history
  5. Legal documents of the vehicle

How do I know if my car dealer is required to fill out a general contract form?

The forms to be filled up are standard, usually the same for all states as it is required for dealerships to use the same general contract form. The general contract form has all the needed information for a buyer and seller for security purposes. The transfer of a car from one person to another person is clearly drafted in the general contract form.

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Important Terms

Elements of a Vehicle Purchase Agreement

The basic elements in every vehicle purchase agreement are:

  1. The name of seller
  2. The detailed address of seller
  3. The name of buyer
  4. The address of buyer
  5. The color and model of vehicle
  6. Th VIN number of vehicle
  7. The number of miles travelled at the time of sale
  8. The selling date
  9. The purchase price
  10. Signatures of both buyer and seller.

How to Write Your Own Vehicle Purchase Agreement?

You need to follow the basic steps for writing your own vehicle purchase agreement:

  1. Mention the clear title of vehicle  purchase agreement
  2. Identify the names of parties involved in buying and selling.
  3. Mention the vehicle details (model, color, milage)
  4. Add the description of the vehicle
  5. Mention the payment (paid or installments)
  6. Mention the payment method
  7. Date of purchase
  8. Signatures of both parties

What are the features of a vehicle?

The following are the features of a vehicle.

  1. The color of the vehicle 
  2. The model and the year 
  3. The body type (whether it be a sedan, SUV, pickup, etc.)
  4.  The color of the interior of the vehicle
  5.  Any other unique features (cosmetics or machine problems, major dents, etc.) Vehicle Information Number
  6.  Mileage counter

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about our Car Sale Contract Templates

 We recognize that your contract layout conditions may need to be changed to be in line together with your client’s needs. That’s why we have made Contract in Word format as well so  that you’ll be able make adjustments as you like. If you want to make important changes to the template, we propose you to get help of  a lawyer or conveyancer to make sure you still have protection.

Keep in mind that the purchase agreement is a binding contract; it carries with it an obligation on the buyer’s part to comply with the conditions set in such a document.

“As is” in a bill of sale means that the buyer is purchasing the vehicle in its current state with all the faults (visible or not). Moreover, there is no guarantee of the seller after the contract is signed by both the parties.

Cash is the mostly widely used method for selling a car. Make sure to check the currency notes before handing  over the car to the buyer. Do not forget to count the money in the presence of buyer to avoid problems in the future.