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Looking for a free Escrow Agreement template? Then look no further. You’ll find one here. Our team has crafted an Escrow Agreement template that will help you create a contract between yourself and your client.

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Free Escrow Agreement Template Samples

To help you grow your business we have made a quite simple yet reliable Escrow Agreement template in Word and PDF versions so you can use it repeatedly.
What’s in this template?
  • Terms and conditions
  • Fee and expenses
  • Legal affairs
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What is an Escrow agreement?

An escrow agreement is a legally binding documentation between the parties that are involved. It generally includes the third party that is called a nonpartisan or an independent party, who holds an asset or security of some value until the terms of the contract are fulfilled.

How does the Escrow agreement work?

The Escrow agreement involves the one party (a depositor) who deposits the funds until the conditions mentioned in the contract are met. A depositor deposits assets with the escrow agent and that agent delivers the funds or other assets to the beneficiary.

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Important Terms

What should be in an escrow agreement?

An escrow agreement must include the following information:

  • The complete contact details and identity of the appointed escrow agent.
  • Definitions for the terms mentioned in the agreement.
  • Detailed information of escrow funds and the condition s for the release of these funds.
  • The conditions for the acceptable use of funds by the escrow agent.
  • Outline the duties and liabilities of the escrow agent.
  • The details for the fees and expenses of an escrow agent.
  • Mention the legal terms for the contract in case of any legal action.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about our Escrow Agreement Templates

 we recognize that your contract layout conditions may need to be changed to be in line together with your client’s needs. That’s why we have made Contrat in Word format as well so  that you’ll be able make adjustments as you like. If you want to make important changes to the template, we propose you to get help of  a lawyer or conveyancer to make sure you still have protection.

There are usually three parties involved in an escrow agreement, which are:


  • The buyer
  • Seller
  • Escrow agent (agent works as a mediator in the contract)