IT Support Contract Template

Looking for a free IT Support Contract template? Then look no further. You’ll find one here. Our team has crafted an IT Support Contract template that will help you create a contract between yourself and your client.

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Free IT Support Contract Template Samples


To help you grow your business we have made a quite simple yet reliable IT Support Contract template in Word and PDF versions so you can use it repeatedly.

What’s in this template?
  • Scope of services
  • Response and resolution time
  • Payment terms
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What is a IT Support Contract?

An IT support contract is legal documentation between two parties where one party will provide paid IT services to the other party. You need a contract for  IT to support service as you will be hiring an outside service provider to get better results for your business growth without any mishap.

What is the purpose of using an IT Support Contract?

The IT support contract outlines the services offered by an IT company to another individual or company. The IT company provides support to the customer according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the IT contract. Both the parties agree with the terms and sign the contract to avoid any future conflict.

What are the response and resolution times in an IT Support Contract?

Response time is the time taken for the support company to answer your call or email, where you inform them about the problem and ask for a solution. Whereas, the resolution time is the time that is taken by the IT support company to resolve the issue without the wastage of time.

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Important Terms

What should an IT Support Contract include?

You must include the following details in your IT support contract:

  • The services you are hiring from outside.
  • Include the response and resolution time of the problem.
  • Talk about the support tiers (levels) you will provide to resolve the issue.
  • Include the activity details about what is to be done.
  • Add the payment details including time, date, method, and amount to be paid.
  • Add the details about the services that have been canceled.
  • Mention the extra charges if there are applicable.
  • Also, add the work schedule.
  • Include the number of working hours of action.
  • Add the termination clause.
  • Include the signature section for both the parties of the contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about our IT Support Contract Templates

 We recognize that your contract layout conditions may need to be changed to be in line together with your client’s needs. That’s why we have made Contrat in Word format as well so  that you’ll be able make adjustments as you like. If you want to make important changes to the template, we propose you to get help of  a lawyer or conveyancer to make sure you still have protection.