Set Clear Expectations with Professional Estimates

Agiled Estimates take the guesswork out of the planning. Set clear expectations for your clients from day one by creating professional estimates within a few clicks.

Create Professional Online Estimates In Minutes​

Create online estimates in minutes with Agiled. Send estimates to your customers via email or a link.

Calculate Taxes on Estimates Automatically

Save Tax settings once and choose the type of tax you want to apply to the estimate items. Agiled will calculate taxes automatically for the estimate. 

Get Estimates approved twice as fast

Send online estimates to your clients or contacts via a link, email, or text and get estimates approved faster.  You can also download the estimate and send it to your customer. 

Automatically Convert Estimates to Invoices

Activate this feature and watch as estimates seamlessly transform into invoices, enabling your clients to make immediate payments. Simplify your cashflow process, making it quicker and more efficient.

Get Notified when your clients see the estimate

Get notified the moment your client views the estimate. Keep track of complete history of estimate updates, views and acceptance. 

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Add Notes to Estimates

 Add personalized notes to your estimates, ensuring every detail is understood for a seamless transaction.

Estimate History

Keep track of complete estimate history from the point it is created to the point it is accepted. 

Estimate Templates

Customize your estimates by choosing Estimate templates and theme color to match your brand. 

Give Discount

Add discount to your estimates easily. Add a percentage discount or a flat discount with a click. 

Hear It from Our Happy Users

The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, which means that I can spend less time figuring out how to use the app and more time actually managing my projects


I’ve tried a good few CRMs over the years, and once I got over the fact that none of them are going to actually do my work for me, I started to appreciate finer details

mike l.
Small business owner

I love that Agiled has a built-in invoicing feature that makes it easy to invoice clients and that the CRM is so easy to use. This is a must-have for anyone who is running a business.

Ahmad R.
Retail Sales & Marketing

This is really an incredible all in one solution. It is genuinely full of features. I can’t imagine how they deliver so much more than every other solution I’ve tried.

Jim C
Fundraising Consultant

etting up Agiled literally took me 10 minutes from start of set up to sending first invoice. It’s dead simple and the on-boarding was very intuitive. I wish I would have done this a long time ago.

Howard Olsen
Professional Speaker

I have added my first prospect and send a proposal. I really love all the detailed features. Almost anything is possible what you can imagine 🙂I really like that I can integrate Asana with Agiled

Klaziena Waerts

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You can create as many estimates as you want in your account on paid plans. 

Yes, you can choose the option to automatically convert an estimate to an invoice Or you can convert the estimate to an invoice automatically. 

Yes, you can add notes on the estimate. You can add details to provide clarity for your client. 

You can customise the logo and theme color for the estimate. You can also choose from the available estimate templates. 

No. You can share the public estimate link with them and they can accept or decline the estimate with a click. They do not need to login to the portal for accepting the estimate. 

Yes, you can customize the email template for the estimate to match your brand. 

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