How Much Do Web Designers Charge?

Are you thinking of creating your website and need to hire a web designer for this task? Are you confused about the current pricing trends of web designers? Are you facing a dilemma between the huge price variations in the web designing market? Having a tight budget in mind, you are confused about hiring a web designer.  So, today you will get the answers to all your queries related to web designing pricing.


What is the job of a web designer?

A web or graphic designer is the backbone of any website. The backstage work of a web designer ends up in the form of attractive colours, beautiful graphics, systematic arrangement of products, sound effects, etc., on your screen. A web designer designs a website from starch and can even revive an existing website with his creativity. Moreover, an experienced web developer cares about market trends and works accordingly to attract more customers.

Why is it important to hire a web designer?

If you want to create your website or upgrade to the previous one, you need a professional designer. It is not a waste of money. An experienced designer takes all the responsibility on his shoulders, and you do not have to worry about the technicalities of your website. A good web designer will choose your brand’s theme, colour, contrasts, and design to attract more customers. Hiring a designer who understands your point and has a flexible work nature is also mandatory. This way, you will be able to discuss your ideas, suggest themes, etc., with your web designer.

Are there any fixed rates for web designers?

The average price range of web designers varies according to your demand. For example, if a person wants to buy a car, he cannot fix the rates of all the cars. The average cost is based on its colour, model, features, and design. Likewise, the web designing rates also differ as per your website requirements. There are not any fixed rates in the web designing field. Web designers have hourly rates, monthly rates, and project rates. 

How much do web designers charge hourly?

The average cost of a web designer is 70-90$ per hour. 70-75$ is the hourly rate of permanent web designers working in any organization, whereas freelance web designers charge 85-90$ per hour for several reasons. The reasons include their hard work in finding a contract, working on a project basis, and entirely agreeing to the client’s demand. The permanent web designers working in any organization take web designing as their daily task and have job security, medical allowances, bonuses, etc., apart from designing a website.

The average price range can increase or decrease based on project duration, exciting and innovative layout, project difficulty level, page count, design cost, and delivery time. If you want a custom design, the web designer will charge more, and if you provide a sample to a web designer to copy from, the rates would be less than the average hourly rates.

Do web designers like to work on flat rates?

The answer is a straight NO! The reason is simple – time duration. A web designer never knows how much time it will take him to design a website, specifically custom website design. Moreover, the clients can ask for constant revisions, and this can easily irritate a web designer. Therefore, web designers prefer hourly rates over flat rates.

What are the average flat rates of a web designer?

The average flat rate of a web designer is 6500-7000$. It can vary from designer to designer. The projected rate is also different from the hourly rate.  If a designer is new in the market, he can adjust within 6000$ even with constant revisions, whereas an experienced web designer charges more with a limited number of revisions. The flat rate is also separately explained by most web designers in terms of the layout, colour contrasts, client management, content creation, technical issues resolution, etc. Additional services are also offered by several professional web designer/s. 

What is expected of the web designer about pricing?

A web designer is expected to remain within the boundaries of average rates. If he drops his rates too much, the client can become suspicious of his skills and hesitate to give him the work. Secondly, if a web designer gets the work and gives his best at a lower rate, the client would get used to it and expect the same excellence level in the same budget every time.

On the contrary, if the charges would be too high, the potential client would ask for rounds of design revisions, and small businesses will not give the work to the high pricing web designers. Therefore, a web designer should go for a balanced approach of remaining within the average market trending pricing of web designing.

Is it worth depending on a web designer?

Have you ever heard of a Professional look? If you want a professional website to attract your customers, a web designer is worth paying for it. A web designer knows how to play with colours, blend layouts, customize designs, create content, and attract customers. The smooth display of the website on the front has many sleepless nights, hard work, a consistent thinking process, and the early morning work of a web designer. The experience level of a web designer should be enough to satisfy you. Keeping your budget in mind, you can hire a professional website designer. 

Do the web designers give any complimentary services?

Many web designers, especially freelancers, provide complementary services as a bonus point for their clients. Mostly, web designers provide a few free offers when they have to pick up something from the previous project to fit the current project. Moreover, the free offers attract clients, and they want to get their work done with the web designers. Clients who hire web designers for long-term projects are more prone to get free offers. A web designer offers free services when he is happy working with the client. Few designers also offer extra hours of work as a complimentary service. 

Is it important to complete your homework before hiring a web designer?

It is essential to properly outline all the elements you want to cover in your website, from its layout to a colour scheme, complete web design to content, market trends to design methods, to client management. A client should know exactly what he needs. The clearer the thoughts are, the easier it would be to hire a web designer.

If you hire web designers without prior homework, you can mess up with them by giving them instructions to change the stuff daily. That is why it is important to properly plan your website, discuss with your designer, check the available web designers, and then hire a suitable one.

How to hire a web designer?

A prevalent method is to go through the profiles of all the web designers and check their portfolios. It is important to check the portfolio to know the web designer’s creativity level. Furthermore, talk to your web designer and discuss all the things you want in detail. The discussion will let you know whether a web designer is stubborn in his ideas or flexible in his web designing work.

How much do graphic designers charge for a website?

The charges depend on the nature of the work. The designers charge on a project basis, hourly and monthly basis.

Should I hire someone to make my website?

If you want a professional website to attract your customers, a web designer is worth paying for it. An experienced designer takes all the responsibility on his shoulders, and you do not have to worry about the technicalities of your website. A good web designer will choose your brand’s theme, colour, contrasts, and design to attract more customers.

How many hours does it take to design a website?

A custom website may take a lot of time, but if a designer uses a web design template, it will take less time. 

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