What Is the Expert Power definition?

Expert power is a personal power based on the perceived superior knowledge or special skills of any member of an organization. Sometimes, the force expert is technically not formally superior in the organizational relationship, such as a lawyer who relies on a secretary for help with a computer program. A significant disadvantage of expert power is that if expert knowledge is shared, its power will likely decrease over time; however, the organization will not be as effective if the expert does not share his knowledge.

Let’s say you have a software engineer recently hired to lead the development of a new interactive 3D action video game. You have a lot of experience and have developed new techniques that will take your gameplay up a notch. Your team, including your direct supervisor, fears your abilities. They come to you for help writing the programming code they are assigned to generate. You teach them some of your techniques and become a wanted man in the team and department.

However, after about six months, nearly all of your team members and a few department members learned of your tricks, and you no longer listened or listened as much as you did before you shared your knowledge. You were once able to exert expert power, but that power has drastically diminished as you share knowledge.

Expert power is a form of power that is based on the employee’s perception that a manager or a boss knows something more than them. The employees think their manager has a higher level of knowledge or specific skills that they do not possess.

A person can gain expert power by showing his skills, specialized knowledge, and leadership skills to the employees, which makes them trust you and take your advice. Understand your level of expertise and leadership position, and then work under your leadership.


How can someone achieve expert power?

A manager can achieve expert power through experience, knowledge, skills, and practice. When people climb the ladder of success, they face troubles, and through those troubles, they learn many new things. This experience makes them stand out in a crowd, making the employees trust them and work under their leadership.

Expert power has nothing to do with your power, wealth, or status. It is a type of power linked to knowledge, experience, skills, and practice.

Expert management is not only linked with the higher ranks in any organization. Expert power makes people respect you because they come to you for advice. For example, if an employee is an expert in graphic design, other employees in the company will go to him for graphic designing-related advice.

In the medical field, if there are two famous surgeons, both will have their specialized areas, and the patients will be referred to them based on their expert power or specialized skills. The crucial decisions are taken by taking advice from experts. 

Expert power is a formal and official power that a person gains through knowledge and experience. One needs to stay updated and continue learning to maintain this expert power.

Why Expert Power matters a lot?

 Expert power is considered an asset. It provides confidence to the bearer. A person with expert power feels confident in managing the group of people around them. It helps in motivating people to do their best.

Expert power can make you outshine others and get you noticed. You can craft your own brand or increase your reputation and relations at work through expert power.

How can someone build Expert Power?

It is not simple and easy to build expert power. It is quite time-consuming, but it is not impossible to get this power. Building expert power is not the same for every discipline. Some sectors require knowledge more than experience, and some go vice versa. We have extracted a few key steps that can be applied for each sector to attain expert power:

Promote Yourself

To achieve expert power, you must tell people about your formal education, experience, and accomplishments in life. You can tell people about your diplomas, licenses, awards, and certificates at an appropriate moment. It is better to demonstrate your expertise instead of explaining it.

Maintain your Credibility

After establishing your expertise, it is crucial to protect that status to stay credible. It is recommended to check the project details before passing any comment on it. Any inappropriate comment can question your credibility.

Stay Confident

People always like to follow someone confident and fearless. A person with experience and knowledge stands firm and secure. Even if you are unsure about something, it is better not to express your doubts over something or stay confused. Be prepared for the best possible answers or resolve the situation.

Stay Informed

Getting expert power can be accessible by maintaining it requires continuous effort. You need to stay informed and updated with the current advancements in your expertise to stay in the good books of your followers.

Appreciate People’s Contributions

Getting expert power doesn’t give you the certificate to ignore everyone around you. You should be accepting of every opinion. Some employees can pour in some great ideas which can benefit your company.


It takes courage, energy, and enthusiasm to build expert power because it offers many solutions. One can achieve expert power through constant practice, experience, and field knowledge. If you get expert power, you are more likely to get promotions and stay in a business for a long.

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