How To Start A Copywriting Business?

How to start a copywriting business

The copywriting business is one of the best business ideas one can opt for if they have skills for it. You need to display your writing samples and showcase your work to get clients. Your clients will hire you as a freelance copywriter, depending on the services you will provide to them. 

This article will guide you on how to start a copywriting business. It is not that difficult to make a start as a copywriter. You need to follow the following steps:

1.Work on the Basic Requirements:

The first and the most important thing is to make sure you have all the basic supplies you need for your copywriting business. These may include, a computer, an internet connection, a website promoting your services, registering your business, and purchasing insurance. You must keep track of all expenses if you are buying something new for your business for the purpose of deducting it from your income tax.

2. Plan Your Business:

Once you are done with the basic requirements, think about planning your business strategy. Set your business goals and target to have a maximum number of clients.  Keep yourself updated with the competitors you have around you. It will help you set your targets accordingly to achieve your desired profit in the copywriting business.

3. The Services You Offer:

It is very important to highlight the copywriting services you will offer to your clients. If you have any special services of copywriting to offer, such as advertising copy, website content, email marketing copy, writing style, technical writing, and more. 

4. Build Your Brand:

You always need a strong brand name to compete with your competitors and give your business a separate place to attract clients. The things you may need to build up your brand include,  the graphic look of your business, including your logo, fonts, and color palette. Business cards and websites are also a very important part of branding your business. 

5. Set Your Rates:

Another important step is to set the rates for your services. Your rates will increase your brand’s value in comparison with your competitors. It is one of the most challenging tasks in the process of setting up a business.  Observe the rates in your area and what your competitors are charging for the same services, then set your own rates accordingly. It will help you get an idea of what will attract your clients and how to make them feel comfortable.

You can set the rates based on per hour or per word. You must keep the business earnings and expenses in mind while establishing your services’ rates. 

6. Showcase Your Writing Samples:

To become a successful copywriter, you must gather and display your writing samples to your potential client. If you’ve worked as a copywriter for someone, you must keep a record of your writings to showcase them as a sample. In case you don’t have any previous writing experience, you still need samples of your work to show them to your clients to get hired.  

7. Create an Online Portfolio:

If you are done with gathering your writing samples, the next step is to have a platform for displaying those samples. You can create your own online portfolio where you need to add your biodata and other educational and professional details along with your experience, (sample work). List the services you can provide to your clients in your portfolio. WordPress or SquareSpace can also help you create a portfolio, or you can hire a web developer to create a site for you.

8. Polish Your Skills:

If you want to become a professional writer, you should keep on learning new skills and knowledge of your relevant field. It will help you become the best copywriter, and you can get a maximum number of clients. You simply need to take online classes for copywriting skills or other relevant skills, such as Udemy or Skillshare can help you learn new skills without spending much.

9. Create a Legal Contract:

The next and the most important step of the copywriting business is to create a legal contract for dealing with your clients. It will secure your business and also help you build a positive impression on your clients. It will also bring professionalism to your business and increase your chances of getting a large number of clients. 

10. Set up an Accounting System:

You also need to have a proper accounting system for your copywriting business to track and manage expenses, payments, and other business transactions. You can simply use Excel or Word, for your small business accounting or use a cloud-based accounting service.

11. Marketing of Your Business:

Once you are done with the basic things, the next step is to advertise and market your business on different mediums to reach potential clients. You can send pitch emails for this purpose and introduce yourself and your business as a perfect copywriter. Pitching will link to your online portfolio and include links to specific writing samples relevant to the brand you’re pitching.

How Much Does a Freelance Copywriter Charge?

Freelance copywriters usually charge by the word, by page, by an hour, or by the project. It also depends on the qualification and experience of a copywriter. The average rate of an experienced copywriter is somewhere between $25 per hour to over $100 per hour.

You must keep the following factors in your mind while setting up rates for your successful copywriting business:

  • The charges other copywriters in your area charge for the same services. 
  • The work experience you have in your field.
  • Keep overhead expenses in your mind while establishing rates, such as rent, insurance, utilities, software, and marketing.
  • The expenses of marketing materials and other charges for promotional activities of your business.

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