As you can see, technology has progressed very rapidly, and various kinds of advanced technology products have been created that you can find around. The development of technology has also given rise to many new business opportunities you can choose from; the vending machine business is one of the new business opportunities you can make as an option because this one business opportunity has wide open possibilities, so it has very promising prospects. Before landing in the vending business, you need to be clear about the startup costs and profit margins. 

Since 2012 the vending machine industry has continuously been flourishing. These machines hugely save time and amazingly facilitate people.

The 13 practical steps to start a successful vending machine business are given below:

Decide what you want to sell

Confirming if there is a pertinent opportunity to start a vending machine business is a good step. Do considerable research before finalizing what you want to sell in the business. Some products fascinate almost everyone everywhere. However, other things could be more appealing to some people. For instance, soda, coffee, water, and snacks may fascinate people almost everywhere, whereas sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, salads, and microwaveable items might appeal to people in offices or universities. Apart from this, you should be very careful about the expiry date of the food items.

The non-food items used/sold in vending machines are as follows:

  • Laundry products
  • Electronic Accessories
  • Pencils and pens
  • Skincare products
  • Haircare products
  • Nail polish
  • Beach items
  • CBD items
  • Shirts and pants
  • Hygiene products
  • Fitness products
  • Hot beverages 
  • drink machine
  • Snack vending machine

While searching for a reliable source of products, don’t immediately go for higher-priced vending products. You may lose a better deal if you ignore lower-priced items.

Determine the vending machine features you want

After finalizing our products for sale, you need to identify the features we will use in our vending machines. Below is the list of some unique features and skills available:

  • The facility for debit and credit card payments
  • Voice-activated or touch screens
  • LED brightness
  • Graphic designs
  • Software for controlling the stock in the machine remotely

Determine from where you’ll buy or lease your vending machines

A few sources of these vending machines are:

  • Wholesales
  • Manufacturers
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • Online sellers and specialty retailers

To curtail our gross investment expenses, we always have an option of opting for secondhand machines or rental machines. You can also go for a short-term loan or to look for franchise opportunities. 

Determine Potential Locations for your Machines

Finding an appropriate location for a vending machine can significantly amplify the sales and business of a vending machine owner. The areas where people frequently come can be a suitable place and bring the best for business. Place plays a vital role in determining the customer base. Undoubtedly, the appropriate locations play a genuinely positive role in selling our products. The place where vending machines work well are as follows:

  • Malls and shopping centers
  • Hotels, restaurants, and motels
  • Hospitals and other health centers
  • Residential apartments
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Grocery stores
  • Office complexes
  • Bus stops
  • Laundromats
  • Airports and other stops
  • Train stations

We need to find safe locations when placing our vending machines. The locations vulnerable to vandalism and theft can waste our time and money.

Choose a business name

Pour some time and effort into naming your business. The name of our business is one of the most critical assets to introduce and put forth our company among other companies. Make sure any other vending machine company should refrain from using the name you choose for your company.

Decide on your business entity type.

The tax and legal entailments will be there for the structure of business we select for our company. The plausible and viable decisions will save time and cost in maintaining the company and keeping it in tandem with the state.

The famous small business incorporates:

  • Partnership
  • Sole Ownership
  • Limited Liability Company
  • C Corporation
  • S Corporation

It is mandatory to notice that in sole ownerships and partnerships, the owners of a business are taken as the equal tax-paying and legal body. Hence, the owner is solely responsible if the company gets stuck in any quagmire. It means the investor’s investments and assets may be at risk of being confiscated to wipe out the business’s legal claims and/or dues.

In other structures, the business and its owners are known as different entities, supporting it with personal liability for protection. Consulting an accountant or attorney is recommended for discerning the profitable and advantageous way out of this situation.

Designate a registered agent

Appointing a legal and registered agent for the company that will function as an S Corporation, LLC Corporation, and a C Corporation is much needed. The agent is a legal and authorized person, on behalf of the business, that will embrace ‘service of process”. To become a legitimate authorized agent, a company or a person must keep a complete address of the area where the vending machine business is documented.

Register your new business with the state

We must fill in the registration paper with the official body to frame an LLC or introduce a vending machine route in the vending industry. An LLC should incorporate the Articles of Organization, and a corporation should file the Articles of Incorporation.

States usually only need sole ownership and partnerships for filing and forming paperwork. However, we will have to process a Doing Business As for using a name other than the owner’s official first and surname in a vending machine business. The purpose of this form is to apprise the people about the business owner.

Obtain an EIN

Obtaining an EIN (employer identification number) is mandatory for all businesses that run with the help of employees or that are filed as LLC corporations in the United States. The people responsible for any business with a legal Taxpayer Identification Number get the free EINs from IRS. To confirm your application form, you may need help from CorpNet to deal with the EIN paperwork.

Establish a business bank account

Corporations and LLCs are taken as different registered entities from their owners. Keeping a regular bank account for conducting business-related facilitates taxes and keeps the corporate veil between the companies and their owners alive. However, when personal finances and business are mixed, a court might gauge if the corporate veil is damaged. If that occurs, the tycoons may be unable to hold their liability cover and risk their assets.

Obtain any necessary business licenses and permits

Finding any local, federal, and state laws and principles your company is bound to follow can be very advantageous. I recommend business people talk to their tax attorneys. Moreover, CorpNet’s services can discern all authentic requirements and manufacture the necessary documents to receive vending machine permits and licenses.

Sign contracts with business or property owners and managers at vending sites

The owners of the premises where you place your vending machines and the electricity suppliers expect something in return. They require some parentage of the machine’s total sale. The rate of the commission or percentage should be satisfactory for both parties. Some points which are usually included in such agreements are as follows:

  • Both the parties signing the agreement
  • The period of the agreement
  • The different types of machines and items sold
  • The specific locations of the machines
  • Compensations
  • Liabilities of the parties for the maintenance of the machines and their damage
  • Information about the failure of machines
  • Provision of exception
  • Rules for adding, replacing, or removing machines
  • A clause for termination of the contract if any party breaches the contract.

Keep track of your business compliance responsibilities.

Like all other machines, the vending machine should also stay up to date regarding their tax submission, licenses, reports, and other requisites to remain in satisfactory condition for local municipalities and the state. If we fail to comply with these requirements, we may incur huge penalties, fines, lack of liability cove, and even termination of the business.


If you follow all the above-given steps, you are more likely to start off with a tremendous vending machine business. You need to document the process of starting a vending machine business for success and clarity. 

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