Management Software for Electrical Contracting

Agiled’s comprehensive business management software is designed to electrify your electrical contracting operations, optimize client relationships, and ensure efficient service delivery in the electrical contracting industry.

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Revitalize Your Electrical Contracting Business with Agiled!

Robust CRM

Manage client information, project details, and service history all in one place.


Financial Management

Keep your finances in check with transparent invoicing, expense tracking, and recurring payments.


Efficient Scheduling

Allocate resources, manage multiple project timelines, and avoid scheduling conflicts.


Document Handling

Simplify contract creation, store important files securely, and create reusable document templates with ease.


Workflow Automation

Reduce manual tasks and increase productivity by automating routine operations.

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Seamless Communication

Foster effective communication within your team and with clients.

Agiled's Additional Features for Your Electrical Contracting Business: Supercharging Success


Easily manage your team’s payroll, attendance, and leaves.


Share important procedures, safety protocols, and tips within your team.


Promote real-time communication and update sharing within your team.

File Manager

Securely store, share, and access crucial project files and documents.


Keep everyone informed about business updates or new service offerings.


Effectively manage your electrical parts inventory.

Reporting Features

Get valuable insights into your business’s performance.

Branding Options

Customize Agiled to reflect your electrical contracting business’s branding.

API and Native Integrations

Integrate Agiled with your existing tools and apps seamlessly.

Custom Domain

Establish a unique online presence with your brand.

Custom Colors

Personalize your Agiled interface to mirror your brand’s look and feel.

Multiple Brands Management

Operate multiple electrical contracting services or franchises under one Agiled account.

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Yes, Agiled’s Scheduling feature helps you manage multiple project timelines and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Agiled’s integrated email and chat ensure seamless and real-time communication within your team.

Yes, with Agiled’s HRM feature, you can manage your team’s payroll, attendance, and leaves.

Agiled’s Finance feature helps manage invoicing, recurring payments, and expense tracking with ease.

Yes, Agiled allows you to manage multiple electrical contracting services or franchises from a single account.