Management Software for Junk Removal

Unburden your business operations, amplify your productivity and streamline client management with Agiled, the comprehensive business solution for Junk Removal Services.

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No More Business Junk! Clean Up with Agiled!

Unified CRM

Simplify client management and keep all your client information, interactions, and invoices in one place.


Financial Management

Keep your financial records organized and accurate with easy tracking of invoices, payments, and expenses.


Collaboration Tools

Improve team communication and collaboration for smooth and efficient service delivery

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Document Management

Easily create, store, and share necessary contracts and proposals.



Set up workflows that automate routine tasks, saving you time and effort.


Project Management

Effectively manage and track your junk removal jobs, improving coordination and productivity.

More Ways to Organize Your Workflow with Agiled!


 Manage your workforce, their payroll, and leaves without stress.


Provide vital guidelines and procedures for your teams and clients.


Foster real-time communication with your teams and clients for improved responsiveness.

File Manager

Keep all your important documents organized and accessible.


Ensure your teams and clients are always updated with the latest news and changes.


Keep track of your equipment and resources effortlessly.

Reporting Features

Make data-driven decisions with Agiled’s comprehensive reporting.

Branding Options

Make Agiled truly yours by customizing the interface to reflect your brand.

API and Native Integrations

Seamlessly integrate Agiled with your existing business applications.

Custom Domain

Boost your online presence with a custom domain.

Custom Colors

Personalize Agiled’s interface with your brand colors.

Multiple Brands Management

Manage multiple junk removal brands from a single Agiled account.

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Yes, Agiled’s project management feature lets you manage and track all your junk removal jobs effectively.

With Agiled’s chat feature, you can promote real-time communication within your team for better coordination and efficiency.

Yes, Agiled’s HRM feature allows you to manage your workforce, their payroll, and leaves in a hassle-free way.

Agiled simplifies your financial management by allowing you to track invoices, payments, and expenses in one place.

Yes, with Agiled, you can manage multiple brands under one account, each with its unique settings and data.