Management Software for Mechanical Contracting

Revolutionize your mechanical contracting operations, maximize client management, and accelerate efficiency with Agiled – your all-in-one business management solution.

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Gear Up for Success with Agiled for Mechanical Contracting!

Unified CRM

Keep track of all client details, interactions, and job history for an optimized customer service experience.


Financial Management

Manage invoices, payments, and expenses seamlessly, ensuring smooth financial operations.


Team Collaboration Tools

 Enhance team communication for effective job planning and execution.

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Document Management

Store, share, and create essential contracts and proposals with ease.



Automate repetitive tasks with tailored workflows, enabling you to focus on complex jobs.


Project Management:

Manage and monitor mechanical contracting jobs, fostering productivity and coordination.

Unleash More Power with Agiled!


Efficiently manage your team’s payroll, leaves, and overall administration.


Create and share vital instructions and procedures for your team and clients.


Enhance real-time communication with your team and clients for quick solutions.

File Manager

Keep your vital documents organized for quick access when required.


Keep your team and clients updated with new changes or news.


Keep track of your mechanical equipment and resources effortlessly.

Reporting Features

Make informed decisions with Agiled’s robust reporting tools.

Branding Options

Showcase your brand’s identity on Agiled’s platform by customizing it as per your needs.

API and Native Integrations

Integrate Agiled seamlessly with your current business applications.

Custom Domain

 Enhance your online brand presence with a personalized domain.

Custom Colors

Personalize the look of Agiled’s interface to resonate with your brand’s color scheme.

Multiple Brands Management

Manage multiple mechanical contracting brands from a single Agiled account.

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Absolutely! Agiled’s project management feature enables you to manage and monitor all your mechanical contracting jobs effectively.

Agiled’s chat feature encourages real-time communication within your team for improved coordination and quick resolutions.

Yes, Agiled’s HRM feature allows you to manage your team, their payroll, leaves, and overall administration efficiently.

Agiled simplifies your financial management by allowing you to track invoices, payments, and expenses, all in one place.

Absolutely, with Agiled, you can manage multiple mechanical contracting brands under one account, each with its unique settings and data.