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Download the free artist invoice template from Agiled, create professional invoices in just a few seconds, send them, and get paid immediately in the right way.

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As a professional artist, you work hard to produce high-quality work for your clients and bill your client professionally.
With our editable and versatile invoice templates, you can quickly create detailed and professional invoices for your clients.
Our stylish and free downloadable invoice templates are available in DOC, XLS, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

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Art Invoice

Download, customize, send, and get paid quickly with this beautiful and fully-editable invoice template. Its advanced features make your billing process fast and easy.

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Dance Invoice

Stop creating invoices from scratch. Use this elegant and customizable invoice template to bill your clients. Create professional and detailed invoices and get paid quickly and ideally.

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Teaching Artist

Whether you are a dance teacher or a drawing teacher, collect your payments on-demand with Agiled. Download free now, it is a fast, simple, and accurate way to collect payments

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Music Artist

As a music artist, you have to perform at different venues to entertain the audience. Get free this invoice template from Agiled and enjoy your music and payments promptly and ideally.

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Makeup Artist

To apply the makeup is an art, that transforms the human canvas into the desired appearance.
Let’s start with Agiled today, and get paid promptly and precisely.

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What is an Artist Invoice Used For?

As a professional and experienced artist, it is very important to have powerful invoicing software for billing your clients. Although you can hire an accountant or use an expensive accounting tool, yet the cheapest and easiest way to invoice your clients is to create your own professional and stylish invoices.

When you simplify the invoicing process by using editable and professional invoice templates, you can use your time and resources to increase the productivity of your business. Billing your customers with our free downloadable invoice template is the best way to collect your payments effortlessly.

Are you ready to try a freelance artist invoice? Let’s experience the many uses of invoices in your art business. Here are some main reasons to use an artist invoice template.

  • Record all customer charges and payments.
  • Track your monthly and annual income.
  • Avoid deadlines and due dates
  • Clearly communicate charges and services.
  • Take note of outstanding debts.
  • Keep accounting simple.
  • Prepare all the necessary information at the time of taxes.

Using an artist invoice allows you to go through a smooth invoicing process and receive payment for your work timely and accurately. It also helps you record all-important customer details, organize payments and debts, and prepare for tax time without a headache.

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How to Create an Artist Invoice?

Making a complete and professional-looking invoice with Agiled’s invoice template is a matter of a few seconds.¬†

  • Download the free Artist Invoice Template from Agiled.
  • Enter your name, business name, and contact information.
  • Add your company logo in different fonts and sizes.
  • Add customer‚Äôs name and contact details.
  • Create and add a unique invoice number.
  • Enter invoice issuance date¬†
  • Add payment due date.
  • List the services rendered in detail and the price of each.
  • Calculate the total cost.
  • Add payment terms and additional information.
  • Add personalized message
  • Save¬†
  • Send invoice via email, Agiled or direct mail

To communicate clearly and avoid confusion with your customer, be sure to include important details about the services you have provided, the acceptable payment methods, and the payment due date. Including a unique invoice number is particularly useful for tracking all invoices and payments. In this way, your customers know clearly and precisely what they are paying and how to complete the transaction.

The customizable artist invoice template is the way to go when you are looking for an easy way to invoice your clients without going to the bank. With little effort, you can be paid on time, every time.

Invoice Types for Artist

As a freelance artist, your specialized services and projects may vary, so your invoice should cover the wide range of your services.

From one-off projects to regular customers, it’s essential to get a suitable freelance artist invoice template for your business.

Whether you offer design or artwork, you can find the solution that works perfectly for you. For instance, you can create an artist invoice with just a slight modification.

There are several ways you can choose an invoice type to make sure it fully meets the needs of both you and your customers. Here are some types of artist invoices:

Standard invoice: A standard invoice is quite simple. It describes what your customer owes.

Recurring invoice: A recurring invoice is commonly used to accept regular or continuous payments from customers, such as weekly or monthly.

Prepaid invoice: This type of invoice collects a deposit or advance before the total price is due.

Time-Based Invoice: A time-based invoice charges a customer based on an hourly rate and time spent on the project

Credit Invoice:¬†This type of invoice is used to reflect a credit made to a customer’s account due to a refund or refund

Debit Invoice: A debit invoice is sent to notify a customer of a debt or outstanding balance

Mixed invoice:¬†This type of invoice lists the charges and credits made to a customer’s account

You can use an artist invoice for invoicing things like logo design services. Selecting or picking the type of invoice that will best serve you and your customer can make a big difference.

Are you ready to create your free invoice? Our editable invoice template formats make it easy for you to create and send the perfect invoice so you can get paid quickly. Download the template below to get started.

Some Other Templates

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Make your invoicing process super faster using the artist invoice template from Agile. Our free downloadable templates help you create and send branded and complete invoices quickly and accurately.