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With the help of the free courier invoice template from Agiled, you can send branded and professional invoices to your clients in seconds. Get started today by downloading the free template below. Fill out, send, and get paid timely and ideally.
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What Is a Courier Invoice Used For?

An invoice is a powerful tool that helps you can quickly take your business to the next level. 

Generally, you send an invoice to bill your client timely in the right way. Though it helps you get paid for your services immediately and effectively yet, it has so many other advantages which you do not realize about it. 

Here are some of them are as follows.


  • Keep record of financial details

  • Easily track your clients’ payments

  • Avoid missed payments and missed due dates

  • Very handy at the time of filing taxes

  • Keep track of outstanding debts and debtors

  • Outline courier services provided to client

  • Make your bookkeeping simple and organized

A courier service invoice generally includes the services you’ve provided, the total unpaid amount, payment procedure and many more. Adding all of these details ensures that your client knows exactly when you expect to get paid for your services. 


How to Create a Courier Invoice?

With the help of the Agiled’s free courier invoice template, you can easily create stylish and branded invoices to bill your clients.
For creating the courier invoice, you have to first download the courier service invoice template from Agiled.

  • Follow these steps to get your courier invoice in a minute.
  • Add your business name and contact details
  • Add your business branding and logo
  • Add client’s name or business, contact details
  • Include a unique invoice number
  • Add invoice issuance date issue date
  • Add payment due date
  • Add the list of courier services provided with detailed descriptions and costs for each
  • Calculate the total and list at the end of invoice
  • Add payment terms and conditions
  • Add your privacy policy, if you any
  • Send invoice directly to your client via Agiled,, email or direct mail

The Agiled courier invoice template can be customized to meet the needs of your business or the company you work for. You must provide detailed descriptions of the courier services you have provided, along with a detailed list of the total cost.
Add clear terms and the expected due date so that your customer knows exactly what is unpaid and how to pay it. You also have to add the conditions of your agreement and any privacy policies if you have any. Providing the customer with all of these details helps you to get paid quickly and ideally.

Invoice Types for Couriers

As a courier, there is a wide range of services you have to provide. From transporting goods to delivering messages, you must create an invoice that fits your and your clients’ needs.

  • Standard Invoice: The standard invoice helps you know exactly how much is payable by the client against your services.
  • Recurring Invoice: This invoice template helps you receive your client’s billing amount regularly. This type of payment is made when a client buys a subscription to your services.
  • Prepayment Invoice: Through prepayment invoices, you can bill your client for the initial or advance payment before providing your services.
  • Time-Based Invoice: A time-based invoice empowers you to bill your client for your services on an hourly basis.
  • Credit Invoice: When there is already credit in the account, this credit invoice helps your clients know when the credit will be transferred in their account. It is sent to the clients whenever a refund is submitted.
  • Debit Invoice: You can notify the clients that they have owed the courier services amount with this invoice.
  • Mixed Invoice: It contains or shows both credit and debit amount.

Invoicing Tips

Without a professional and detailed invoice, it could be challenging getting paid immediately and ideally. Here are some main invoicing tips that help you create a professional and effective invoice. 

Numbered the invoice: With invoice numbers, you can easily keep track of all invoices effortlessly. 

Include a ‘payment due date: Including the payment due date in the invoice helps your client know when you expect to get paid. 

Include up-to-date contact information: After entering the invoice’s basic contact details, it is better to recheck it. 

Accept a variety of payment methods: A variety of payment methods enable you to receive your payments as soon as possible.

Some Other Templates

Download a Courier Invoice Template for Free

Create branded and detailed invoices for your courier services in seconds with this invoice template from Agiled. Download now and get rid of complicated and expensive accounting tools.