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Do you have customers abroad, and are you looking for a template for your English invoice? Then you are exactly right with us! Download the free English invoice template from Agiled and start invoicing right away.

Get Your Free English Invoice Template

This free invoice template empowers small businesses to create high-quality invoices to get paid in a timely and ideal way.
Agiled offers you an English invoice template in various friendly formats like DOC, XLS, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets, which you can customize for yourself. With the help of the English invoice template from Agiled, you can create a secure invoice in a few steps, which contains all the mandatory legal information.
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Download the English Invoice Template

Invoice Example Template


Download the free English invoice template from Agiled to start creating detailed and stylish invoices. Send detailed bills to all your clients and get paid timely for your services. You can easily modify this template to fit all business needs.

English Invoicing for Small Businesses

Due to globalization, companies are increasingly active internationally. This means that more and more invoices have to be written for customers from abroad. For this reason, it is always advisable to write invoices in English if you are running a business since English is the international business language.
Your English-language invoices should have all the important details that your client will need to know exactly when you expect to get paid for your services, along with a list of your products or services, a payment acceptance method, and the total amount owed.

E-Commerce Invoice Template

How to Make an Invoice in English?

Small businesses can easily create high-quality and detailed invoices in English by following these steps:

  • Download the free English invoice template from Agiled.
  • Add your business contact details.
  • Add the client’s contact details.
  • Include a unique invoice number.
  • Add the invoice issuance date and payment due date.
  • Add the list of the services provided with brief descriptions and costs for each.
  • Add the total amount due and add applicable taxes.
  • Add your payment terms, including any late fees charged for overdue payment.
  • Add privacy policy.
  • Save.
  • Send the invoice to your client by Agiled, email, or mail.

How to Fill Out an Invoice in English?

You can quickly fill out your invoice in English, download the Agiled’s invoice template, and fill out the following fields.

  • Add the name and address of your company.
  • Add the name and address of the service recipient (your customer).
  • Add your tax number (if any).
  • Add the date of the issue (when was the invoice written?).
  • A unique invoice number.
  • Add the quantity and type of the delivered products and type of other services.
  • Add the time of delivery or service.
  • Calculate the net amount, the tax amount, the tax rate, and the gross amount.
  • Save.

Some Other Templates

Download a Free English Invoice Template

Get started creating stylish and high-quality invoices with the free English invoice template from Agiled.
Simply download the free English invoice template today and start collecting all your payments quickly and accurately.