Florist Invoice Template

Have you been looking for an invoice that both looks awesome and is easy to use? The free florist invoice template from Agiled will help you organize your charges in a super cool layout while still looking chic and professional.

Get Your Free Florist Invoice Template

Are you looking for such an invoice through which you can easily bill your clients? Get the free florist invoice template from Agiled. It is simple to use and completely customizable with complete control over color and fonts, easy to change the wording, and to add a logo.
Download the free florist invoice template, customize, and send it to your customers.
Our stylish templates are available for download in PDF, XLS, DOC, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. Visit all formats here.

Download Florist Invoice Templates

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You are professional in creating and designing floral arrangements, but creating high-quality and professional invoices might not be your strong point. Download and customize this invoice template from Agiled today to create high-quality invoices.

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Retail shop

Keep the focus on your business and keep your clients happy by creating floral arrangements within their budget.
Download this invoice template and start creating professional and branded invoices and take your business to the advanced level.

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Special events

As a professional florist designer, you provide your services responsibly for special events from wedding to birthday, etc.
Download this customizable invoice template from Agiled and collect your payments in the right way effortlessly.

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Do you want to get paid immediately and ideally for your gardening expertise? With this invoice template’s help, you can effortlessly charge your clients for all gardening services swiftly and pleasantly.

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Recurring orders

Do you want a completely free invoice template that is easy to use? Then download free this invoice template from Agiled that meets all legal requirements and is a full-fledged invoice template.

Invoice with Agiled Instead

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What Is a Florist Invoice Used For?

You either sell the flowers and arrange for pick-up, handle the delivery to the customer, or look after the flower decorating process. You need to bill your customers.

The free florist invoice template from Agiled is exactly what you need to create high-quality and detailed invoices to avoid any confusion overpayments and keep an accurate record of your business’s cash flow.

Here are the advantages of using a florist invoice:

  • You always keep in touch with past-due payments.
  • Get paid immediately.
  • Efficiently manage the client’s information.  
  • Bill your client without paying any penny.
  • PDF and printable format.
  • Very handy at the time of filing the tax and many more.
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How to Create a Florist Invoice?

As a florist, you may have seen and paid enough invoices, but if you now have to create an invoice yourself, the questions quickly arise: what exactly does an invoice look like? What should be on data now? How do I easily create and send it to my clients?

Following the Agiled florist invoice template makes billing your customers fast and easy.

All you’ve got to download the template is follow the few simple steps and be ready to get paid quickly and ideally.

  1. Download the florist invoice template from Agile for free.
  2. Add your business logo in different fonts and colors.
  3. Add your name or business name along with the contact details.
  4. Add the services provided along with the description and the charges.
  5. Add your client’s name along with contact and address information.
  6. Add the details of the services rendered and the cost for each.
  7. Include the total of the services.
  8. Insert your payment terms and conditions.
  9. Include your privacy policy, if any.
  10. Save. 
  11. Send via Agiled or email etc.

Invoice Types for Florists

As a florist designer, you and other professionals like DJs and event planners serve a wide variety of clients. To meet each client’s unique requirements you put all your efforts. That’s why you need to bill your clients with an invoice that suits you the most. 

The flower shop invoice template from Agiled helps you to create your invoice to suit your business’s needs. 

Here are some invoice types for the florist that will help you to bill your clients accurately and ideally. 

  • Standard Invoice
  • Recurring Invoice
  • Prepayment Invoice
  • Time-Based Invoice
  • Credit Invoice
  • Debit Invoice
  • Mixed Invoice

Your customers buy flower arrangements to decorate offices, houses, for social events, or to give to a special person; you have the power to create the invoice that you need.

Download the free florist invoice template from Agiled, and you’ll have a stylish and detailed invoice in minutes.

Some Other Templates

Download a Florist Invoice Template for Free

If you want to get rid of complicated and complex invoicing software, get started with Agiled.
Create a free, professional, and high-quality florist invoice template in a few minutes and get paid immediately in the right way professionally.