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No need to create manual or paper invoices from scratch. The free downloadable freelance designer invoice template from Agiled is a simple and elegant solution to your billing needs.

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As a freelance designer, you always want to create stylish and detailed invoices to bill your customers. Move forward and get an invoice template that is easy to customize or elegant enough to impress your customers.
Agiled’s stylish and flexible design invoice templates will impress your customers while simplifying their billing process.
Download Agiled’s Freelance Design Invoice Templates in friendly formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. Then customize them to meet your needs. You can find our other impactful free invoice templates here.

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Freelance Design

Customers always appreciate a clear, simple, and stylish invoice. Use this invoice template to capture all the details of your services. Download free now and start receiving your payments quickly and easily.

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Freelance Web Design

You create beautiful and systematize websites for your clients. 
Create a professional and well-organized web design invoice with Agiled, send it, and get paid in the right way promptly.

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Freelance Graphic Design

You work hard to create eye-catching and remarkable graphic designs for your clients. Download this free and stylish invoice template from Agiled right now and make your invoicing process fast.

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Freelance T-Shirt Design

Use this professional-looking invoice template to request payments from your clients. Download free this invoice template from Agiled and meet all the needs of your billing prcess effortlessly.

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Freelance Fashion Design

You create unique garments accessories for your clients. Use this stylish invoice template, start sending the unique and detailed invoice to your client. You can easily modify it by adding lines.

Invoice with Agiled Instead

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What Is a Freelance Design Invoice Template Used For?

A freelance design invoice is a simple way to bill customers for design work provided by specialized freelancers or small businesses designer.

A freelance design invoice must also be a marketing document. It must include the brand as its logo and be clear and stylish. A professional and detailed invoice will help your customers to release your payments on time.

Freelance design invoices can be used by:

  • Graphic designers
  • User experience designers (UX)
  • Interior designers
  • Fashion designers
  • Web designers
  • Photographers
  • Video editors
  • Multimedia artists and entertainers.
  • Animation designers
  • Motion graphics designers
  • Industrial product designers.

Freelance designers can quickly charge their clients by using one of these methods:

  • Hourly rate
  • Project-based pricing

A freelance design invoice includes fields that allow you to add your hourly rate and the number of working hours and calculate the subtotal. Or you can insert your flat service rate and add them together to find the total. A detailed description of each service must also be included.

In this way, the customer knows exactly what they are paying and is more likely to send payment on time.

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How to Create a Freelance Design Invoice?

Download the free template and simply enter the services provided, plus the cost. Customize it by adding your logo or a custom message to the customer.

Follow these instructions to start creating your invoice:

  • Download your freelance design invoice template
  • Add your contact details: business name, name, address, email address, and phone number. In this way, the customer knows accurately how to get in touch if they have any questions.
  • Insert your logo, if you have¬†
  • Fill in your customer’s contact details, such as business and contact details.
  • Add unique invoice number, invoice issuance date, and payment due date.
  • Add the services provided and add a description of each. Be specific. “Designing three options for the new business logo” is better than simply writing “Logo.”
  • Add prices for each service, either a project rate or an hourly rate (multiply your rate by the number of working hours)
  • Add the sales tax, if required.¬†
  • Add anything that affects the total, such as a discount or balance due.
  • Calculate the total
  • Add payment terms at the bottom, such as late fees and accepted payment methods. Add account information, such as a PayPal ID, international transfer details.
  • Send the complete invoice via email, Agiled, or print it and dispatch it by regular mail.

A well-designed, detailed and clear invoice eliminates confusion. The ready-to-use invoice template manages your information, so it’s easy to keep track of all your financial transactions.

Since branding helps freelance designers to move forward accurately, you may also want to consider adding a personalized message to your customer. Just praise them for their business and let them know that you look forward to working with them in the future. 

Invoice Types for Freelance Designers

Maybe you’re doing freelance design or ongoing work with a long-term client. The complexity and urgency of the project will determine the type of invoice you choose.

Selecting the correct invoice template will speed up your billing process and provide clarity to the customer. These are the most common types of invoice in independent design:

Standard Invoice: The most primary invoice format is customized for all types of projects and pricing structures.

Automatic invoice: Also called recurring invoice. A great option if you bill your customers the same amount each billing cycle for the same job.

Prepaid Invoice: This invoice is used to charge your customer for a deposit or hold on to future jobs.

Progress Invoice: Used for long-term projects where you invoice the customer in stages.

Some Other Templates

Download a Freelance Design Invoice Template for Free

Download the free freelance design invoice template from Agiled today. With our beautiful and customizable invoice template, you can quickly create and send professional invoices with just a few clicks.