Freelance Invoice Template

Get paid faster for your specialized services or work with our free downloadable freelance invoice template. Just download, customize, and send it to your customers in no time. Try our stylish and elegant templates today and take your freelance business to the next level effortlessly.

Get Your Free Freelance Invoice Template

As a freelancer, you need the best way to bill your clients and receive payment for creative content timely and accurately. You must have a perfect billing procedure for your business.
That’s why Agiled presents the free invoice template for freelancers like you.
You can create detailed and stylish invoices to start receiving your payments from your clients before expectations. Less hassle, more money in the pocket.
Our templates are available to download in DOC, XLS, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. See our complete list.

Download Freelance Invoice Template

Moving Company Invoice Template

Freelance Editor Invoice Template

Download this invoice template now and start sending professional and detailed invoices quickly and ideally. Feel free to download it.

Bakery Invoice Template

Freelance Video Editor Invoice Template

Bill your client quickly with this customizable invoice template. Create professional invoices and get paid quickly.

Invoice Example Template

Freelance Videographer Invoice Template

Get started with this beautiful and editable invoice template and make your invoicing process super faster. Download for free. 

How To Invoice For Freelance Work?

As a professional, you have top-notch editing skills, but you will need powerful and flawless invoicing software to bill your clients immediately in a perfect way at the end of the day. 

Creating personalized invoices for your freelance business allows you to keep track of your customer accounts and have an accurate income report. This helps you avoid financial issues, such as late payments, confusion about terms, or payment problems when filing your taxes.

To invoice for freelance projects, you want to use the correct rate to meet your needs. A freelance invoice template has many advantages:

  • Keep track of all customer purchases.
  • Organize customer accounts and payment statements
  • Collect tax details
  • Create a record of outstanding debts
  • Billing customers regularly
  • Simplify accounting
  • and more

Agiled’s freelance invoice template makes it easy to manage your accounting and send professional invoices to customers.

E-Commerce Invoice Template

How To Create A Freelance Invoice?

Simplify your freelance business billing by creating your own detailed and stylish invoices. You can easily create a freelance invoice in a few minutes. Just download, complete, and send it to your client.

Follow the given instructions below to find out what to include in your freelance invoice and how to customize it for your customers.

  • Download Agiled’s freelance invoice template for free
  • Add your name, business name, and contact information
  • Include an invoice or order number
  • Fill in your client’s name and information
  • Add the name of the project and the services provided.
  • Describe each service provided and the cost of each.
  • Include the number of working hours or the project deadline, if applicable
  • Add the total costs and include them at the end of the freelance invoice
  • Outline of accepted payment methods, their payment terms, and the due date
  • Add your privacy policy 
  • Add any additional information (if any)
  • Send the entire document to your customer via Agiled, email, or direct mail

Agiled’s freelance invoice includes blank, flexible fields that allow you to add all the details you need to create a professional invoice. Be sure to complete all fields carefully to make sure everything is right and correct.

Once done, save your document and send it to your customer.


Invoice Types for Freelancers

From developmental editing to book shepherding, freelancers are always ready to pick our typos and grammatical errors. The services you provide and what your customers’ needs all depend on your skills.

Fortunately, there are several types of invoices that you can use to ensure that you are collecting payment in the best way for your business. Explore the types of invoices for freelancers below to determine the perfect fit for you.

Standard Invoice – A standard standalone invoice is an invoice to your customer that lets you know how much you owe them for their services.

Recurring invoice – This invoice allows you to invoice a customer regularly. For instance, for a monthly subscription or other continuous services.

Prepaid Invoice – Send a prepaid invoice to collect a deposit from a customer as part of the total due

Time-based invoice – This invoice is used for invoicing customers based on the number of working hours.

Credit invoice: When you refund to a customer or report a positive balance, you can send them a credit invoice

Mixed invoice: A mixed invoice shows the credits and charges made to a customer account


Some Other Templates

Download the Freelance Invoice Template for Free

Now you can create professional and detailed invoices for your freelance business with the free invoice templates from Agiled.
As a freelancer, you want to do what is best for your clients and receive payment for doing so. That’s why it’s essential to use a billing method that works and doesn’t break the bank. With the freelance invoice template, you can create invoices that work.