Itemized Invoice Template

Download the free itemized invoice template from Agiled, and see how with the right invoicing software, setting up invoices can be almost fun, even after a long and tiring day of work!.

Get Your Free Itemized Invoice Template

You have to send accurate and detailed invoices on time to your clients to collect payments timely and accurately. Most clients would request you to issue an itemized invoice for the goods or services provided.

Make your work easy with Agiled’s free itemized invoice template. With us, you can send stylish and professional invoices effortlessly.
Our beautiful and free downloadable invoice templates are available for download in PDF, XLS, DOC, Google Docs, and Google SheetsBrowse our gallery here.

Download an Itemized Invoice Template

invoice template

Itemized Bill Template

Why spend a lot of time on the billing process. Download this free invoice template, and make a well-designed, detailed, and clear invoice with just a few clicks.

invoice template

Free Itemized Invoice Template

This template presents a very simple itemized invoice format. All you need is the description of the services and the amount billed. Download it now and make your invoicing process super faster.

Itemized Invoicing for Small Businesses

Creating an itemized invoice with Agiled makes it simple to manage modern invoicing by having a complete overview of all sent bills round the clock. An itemized invoice clears up the services provided and the cost for each, so your client knows exactly when you expect to get paid for your services.

The itemized invoice sample lists the:

  • Unique Invoice Number.
  • Invoice Issuance Date.
  • Address and Contacts of Seller & Buyer.
  • Add the List of items & Services Sold.
  • Details of items/Services.
  • Acceptance payment method.

Itemized billing helps you accelerate your invoice process. It also avoids late payments, confusion, and uncertainty for your customers.

invoice template

How to Make an Invoice in Itemized Format?

With a few simple steps, you can easily customize the itemized invoice template according to your wishes. 

  1. Add your brand details – like logo, colors, and fonts – in the appropriate fields.
  2. Add your business name and contact details.
  3. Add the details of the goods or services you’re charging to your client and enter all the essential details in the description areas.
  4. Add the client’s name and contact details.
  5. Enter the total amount payable in the ‘total’ section.
  6. Add your payment terms.
  7. Use the different note section to describe other details and information related to the invoice like terms of service, privacy policy, etc.
  8. Add personalized message 
  9. Save
  10. Send the complete invoice via email, Agiled or regular post

The flexible and ready-to-use Itemized Invoice template lets you fill up all the relevant details and issues your invoice to the clients. Fill out all the blank fields relevant to your client, and issue the invoice to get paid timely and accurately.

  • Add the unique invoice number, date, and other relevant details.
  • Add the list of products and services you are charging the client.
  • Layout the rate for the different items, service rates, and taxes applicable.
  • Make use of the description column to specify the items.
  • Cross-check your details to confirm there are no incorrect or mismatched numbers.

How to Send Clients an Itemized Invoice?

You can choose whether to send the bills as email, paper invoice, or electronic invoice. Public enterprises, including municipalities, require invoices in electronic invoice format from their suppliers and no longer accept paper invoices or e-mail invoices.

Some Other Templates

Download an Itemized Invoice Template For Free

Download the free itemized invoice template from Agiled, create detailed and professional invoices quickly and accurately in the right way.