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Get paid faster for your legal services with the free law firm invoice template from Agiled. Download, customize, and send professional invoices in just a few minutes.

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If you want to get paid immediately in the right way for your specialized services. Then you should try our editable and free downloadable invoice templates that help you create branded and detailed invoices quickly.

With our beautiful and professional invoice template, you can quickly create invoices in Google Sheets, Google Docs, PDF, Word, Excel.
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Download this beautiful and editable invoice template, and make your billing process easy and fast. Feel free to download it.

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This beautiful and customizable invoice template helps professionals like you create high-quality invoices quickly and get paid immediately in the right way.

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What is a Law Firm Invoice Used For?

The law firm generally works as a partnership, and it generates income through its objectives and individual strategies. Whenever a law firm needs the clients to release the payable amount, it needs to send detailed and well-organized invoices to bill their clients accurately and properly.
Law firm invoices work as a powerful accounting tool for legal practices. The law firm invoices empower the firm to trail its hourly charges accurately and help analyze the firm’s financial condition.

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How To Create A Law Firm Invoice?

Creating the law firm invoice with Agiled is a matter of a few minutes. Follow the given steps and create your invoice in just a few seconds.

  • Download the law firm invoice from Agiled for free.
  • Add your firm logo in different fonts and sizes.
  • Add your firm’s name and contact details.
  • Add the client’s name and contact details.
  • Enter the unique invoice number
  • Add invoice issuance date.
  • Add the payment due date.
  • Add the details of the services provided and the cost for each.
  • Add billable hours
  • Calculate the total amount 
  • Enter the payment terms and conditions
  • Add payment method
  • Add a privacy policy, if any.
  • Add personalized message
  • Save 
  • Send your invoice via email, Agiled, or regular post.

Invoice Types For Lawyers

As a lawyer, you have to bill your clients with the invoice type that best suits you. 

Here are some invoice types.

  • Standard Invoice: It is a simple way of billing; as a lawyer, you can easily include all the descriptions of the services provided, including the fee, payment procedure, and due date, etc. 
  • Time-Based Invoice: With the help of a time-based invoice, you can add all your services provided along with the hourly rate or the amount of time you spent on the case. 
  • Recurring Invoice: A recurring invoice enables the lawyers to bill their clients for the same services every month. 
  • Prepayment Invoice: A prepayment invoice is convenient if you want to bill your clients for a security fee or total payable amount before providing your services 
  • Interim Invoice: As a lawyer, you have to work on long-term cases. An interim invoice is convenient to charge your clients for partial payment that corresponds to the work done to that point.  
  • Final Invoice: After completing the case, you can easily bill your clients with the help of the final invoice. It contains all the details of the total amount that is still payable. 

Some Other Templates

Download A Law Firm Invoice Template For Free

Stop creating complicated and manual invoices. Download the free law firm invoice template from Agiled, make your administrative tasks like invoicing process fast and straightforward.