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Create high-quality and professional invoices for your business. Download the Agiled’s free invoice template for Microsoft Excel to get started today and accelerate your business success and income.

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As a small business owner, you have to put all your efforts into running a business smoothly and efficiently. From managing clients to maintain business finances, you may feel like creating and issuing invoices is another headache. 

Luckily, creating detailed and high-quality invoice templates doesn’t have to be difficult. With Agiled’s free Microsoft Excel invoice template, you can quickly create and send invoices to all your customers.

Our professional invoice templates are available for download. PDF, Word, XLS, Google Docs, and Google Sheets formats. Browse all templates.

Download an Excel Invoice Template

Creative Invoice Template

Free Excel Bill Template

With plenty of space for easy reading and highlighting the most important information, this simple invoice template will save time for repeated billing cycles and present a professional presentation for your brand. 

E-Commerce Invoice Template

Excel Work Order

This invoice template is ideal for all business purposes; it is a clear and well-organized document that helps automate your billing cycles for you. Download, customize, and send it in just a few seconds.

HVAC Invoice Template

Excel Bill Template

Say goodbye in those days of having difficulty keeping up with your customers’ outstanding payments still owe you. With this invoice template, your brand can present a professional style while easily tracking and organizing your accounts. 

Consulting Invoice Template

Blank Excel Invoice template

To be paid on time, you must ensure that your customers receive easy-to-read invoices, have all relevant information, and hold them accountable. This simple invoice template fulfills all of these requirements.

Creative Invoice Template

Sample Excel Invoice Template

Formatting is significant when it comes to billing your customers. This invoice template offers a very structured and logical format that allows small business owners to send the most profitable invoices.

Invoice with Agiled Instead

Bakery Invoice Template

Excel Invoicing for Small Businesses

As an entrepreneur, you work hard to increase the level of business to get more customers and higher earnings. Each component that you add to your business system helps it work much more effectively.

The free Excel invoice template from Agiled shows your professionalism and helps your customers take your business seriously. You are much closer to attracting more customers because of the credibility you have. This, in turn, leads to more word-of-mouth recommendations, and the money should be paid more quickly.

Our stylish and high-quality template provides greater efficiency, as it allows you to use the same consistent structure to present your professional brand to all your customers. Simply download, customize, and deliver to collect your payment quickly in the right way.

By using Microsoft Excel invoice templates from Agiled, you can easily create invoices that fit all your business needs in no time.

How to Make The Invoice Form in Excel?

  1. Download the free “Excel Invoice Template” from Agiled.
  2. Open your invoice template .xls in Excel.
  3. Name your invoice. Like: “(your business name) Invoice Template.”
  4. Fill out your Excel invoice with your company details, logo, branding, and contact information.
  5. Make your first client invoice by making a copy and renaming the new document. For instance: “(client name) Invoice, (date).”
  6. Fill out your invoice with your client details, services, or products provided, costs, the invoice issuance date, payment due date, payment acceptance method, and privacy policy.
  7. Save.

After making an invoice in Excel, you can save the .xls document in Excel format. You may then name the document for your client, such as, “(client name) Invoice | (date),” and send via regular mail or email.
Suppose you want to include branding and detailed information to your Excel invoices. See how to customize your free Excel invoice template below.

This simple invoice template for Excel contains blank fields that allow you to do just that. If you want to add your logo, business details, goods, or service information or more, you can easily do that with this simple template.

  • Add your company name and contact details. Fill in your business name, address, cell number, website, and email address in the blank fields. This is a good reminder to customers who the invoice is from and how to contact you.
  • Add your logo and branding. If you have a business logo, you can place that to the top of the invoice. You may also choose your branding colors, other graphics, or change the font.
  • Name your services. The blank fields allow you to add individual products for billing your clients. Be sure to add the details of your service so that they know what they are
  • Describe your services. You can add a detail to each service or product item in the template to explain the work being done and what is added. This enables clients to know what they are paying for
  • Add custom pricing. Add your cost for each service or item and calculate the total at the bottom of the invoice.
  • Add your payment terms and privacy policy. Define the payment requirements, due date and payment methods available so that you can get paid the right way and on time

If you like to use Google Sheets instead? We’ve got you covered.

How to Send an Excel Invoice to Your Clients?

Are you ready to send your high-quality Excel invoices to your clients? There are a few things to notice before you issue the final invoice in Excel format.

  • Open the saved .xls file on your laptop or device
  • Confirm that all of the details are correct and that the invoice is named exactly for your client
  • Attach the Excel file to email to issue to your client or print off the completed invoice and send to your client by regular mail.
  • Send.

Some Other Templates

Download the Free Excel Invoice Template

Save a lot of time with a free Excel invoice template from Agiled. Not only will you be at the top of your billing cycles, but you will also present a quality design to your customers, which will have a positive impact on the brand reputation. All of these professional invoice templates are completely customizable and easy to work with quickly, so get yours today!