Photography Invoice Template

Create professional invoices quickly with the free photography invoice template from Agiled, and get paid quickly for your specialized services.

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You produce eye-catching photos for your clients and want to get paid efficiently. Download the free photography invoice template from Agiled. Create professional and detailed invoices for your remarkable photoshoots, send and get paid immediately and ideally.
Available in convenient formats like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Word, Excel, and PDF. See the entire library of free invoices here.

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Photography Services Invoice

Stop creating complicated and manual invoices. This editable invoice template helps you create a well-designed, detailed, and clear invoice in just a few seconds.

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Photo Invoice Template

You capture the memorable moments of your clients’ lives.
With the help of this stylish and cutomizable invoice template, you can easily bill your clients for your services.

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Photography Bill Template

After producing breathtaking snapshots, it is time to get paid quickly.
Download, customize and send this invoice template to all your clients and get paid for your work quickly and ideally.

Bakery Invoice Template

Sample Photography Invoice Template

You might get hesitant to create a professional invoice. Use this versatile invoice template to create detailed and professional invoices quickly and easily.

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Free Photography Invoice Template

Use this beautiful and editable invoice template to bill your clients. Its advanced features make your billing process easy and fast.

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How to Bill Your Photography Clients

As a specialized or freelance photographer, you have many responsibilities for keeping your clients happy. From capturing the memorable shot to managing your business finances, you must do it correctly.

While several photography business owners turn to account software or hire an accountant, those options can be confusing and expensive. So how do you bill your photography customers to make sure they get paid on time, every time?

Download the free Agiled’s photo invoice template. This template makes it easy to create, personalize, and send invoices to your photography clients.

Just download, edit, and send—finally, a way to bill your customers without breaking the bank or your style.

No matter what type of photography you take, you can do professional invoices to bill customers for your services and receive quick payment.

The free photography invoice template is ideal for all types of photography, including:

  • Freelance
  • Pictures
  • Landscape
  • Wedding
  • Corporate and Advertising
  • Art
  • Wildlife
  • sports
  • aerial
  • Events
  • Real Estate and Architecture
  • Photojournalism
  • Travel
  • and more

Whether you offer your specialized services as a freelance photographer or work with various clients, you need a professional, streamlined way to bill for your services.

Creating photo invoices allows you to describe the details of your services, inform customers about payment details, and stay on top of your business finances. This can help you avoid confusion and headaches when tax time comes.

Bakery Invoice Template

How to Create a Photography Invoice?

Creating a professional and customizable photography invoice is a matter of a few minutes. 

Follow the given steps and get your first-ever free professional and detailed invoice today.

  • Download a photography invoice template from Agiled for free
  • Add your business name and contact details
  • Add your business logo in various colors and fonts 
  • Add your client’s name and contact details
  • Add the unique invoice number
  • Add the itemized list of all services and the cost for each
  • Calculate the total cost
  • Add payment terms and conditions
  • Add privacy policy if any 
  • Save 
  • Send via Agiled or email etc

You can easily create a detailed and customizable photography invoice in a few minutes with Agiled. Let’s start making photography invoices with Agiled and get paid for all your hard work in the right way promptly. 

Invoice Types for Photographers

As a professional photographer, you provide a wide range of photography services day and night effectively. For your ease, Agiled facilitates you with numerous types of invoices. 

Some of them are as follows.

  • Standard Invoice
  • Recurring Invoice
  • Prepayment Invoice
  • Time-Based Invoice
  • Credit Invoice
  • Debit Invoice
  • Mixed Invoice

Some Other Templates

Download a Free Photography Invoice Template

Download the free photography invoice template from Agiled, create a well-designed, detailed, and clear invoice in just a few seconds.