Professional Invoice Template

Professionalism, competence, and perfection at your service. Agiled’s free professional invoice templates can take care of any administrative and accounting tasks quickly and efficiently.

Get Your Free Professional Invoice Template

When you need to issue an invoice with multiple lines associated with different services and rates, you need a customizable invoice template that allows you to bill your clients quickly and accurately.
With the professional invoice template from Agiled, it’s easy to collect your payments quickly in the right way. Our stylish and free downloadable invoice templates are available in PDF, XLS, DOC, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. See all invoice formats.

Download a Professional Invoice Template

invoice template

Free Professional Invoice Template

Download this free template immediately and conveniently as a complete package to create a perfect invoice. Download it and make your billing process easy and fast.

invoice template

Professional Invoice Sample

Download, customize, send this invoice template to all your clients. Switch payment streams to turbo mode, and collect your payments before expectations.

What Is a Professional Invoice Used For?

As a small business person, you have to keep records. There are endless possibilities to manage records by hiring an accountant, yet invoicing software is the only standard way to make your bookkeeping easy and fast. 

Save a lot of money and easily do it yourself with Agiled. It even makes billing fun!

Start creating stylish, professional invoices that meet all requirements and issue them directly to your customer. The immediate accounting process helps you to have insight into the due payments. 

With our professional invoice template, you can enjoy countless advantages; some of them are as follows:

  • You can focus more on what you do best rather than on debt collection
  • Your billing is done correctly and quickly
  • Make the cash flow more transparent
  • You get happier customers and appear more professional when you bill precisely and correctly
  • It increases the possibility of the customer coming again
  • Get paid quickly
  • Automatically send reminders to the customer 
  • Avoid fraud
  • Organize client’s account details
  • Easy handling of documents
  • Have PDF format
  • Printer-friendly
  • Very handy at the time of filing the tax time
invoice template

How to Create a Professional Invoice?

Are you going to create your first invoice? We’ve created a step by step guide that shows you how to create your first invoice and record payment.

  1. Download the “Professional Invoice Template” from Agiled for free.
  2. Add your business’s necessary details like postal address, contact number, email, and website.
  3. Make sure your business name is in bold and possibly in larger font size. This will make the customer aware of your business name.
  4. Add customer’s name and contact details. 
  5. Add invoice number and issuance date.
  6. Add the services you provided, as well as a description and the cost for each.
  7. Add your business’s payment terms.
  8. Calculate the total of the services provided and add this in the “Total” section
  9. Add your payment method.
  10. Add payment terms, if any, in the “Notes” field.
  11. Add personalized message
  12. Save
  13. Send your detailed invoice via email, Agiled, or regular post.

You see how easy it is to create an invoice with Agiled. We hope that you now feel better equipped to work with your customers.

Invoice Types for Professionals

Each client has different requirements and budget levels; accordingly, every invoice must fit all your and client’s requirements.

Either you are a lawyer wanting a modern invoice, a freelancer offering creative work services, or anything in between, you need to bill your client with an invoice that will fulfill all the required needs.

You can create an issue:

  • An itemized invoice
  • An invoice for a deposit
  • A bill for your service
  • Invoices for a monthly retainer
  • A professional invoice template in Word
  • And more

Download the free professional invoice template from Agiled. You can easily use a template as the basis for your own invoicing. This template can be easily printed for your administration, and you can also store it as a PDF for online sending to the customer. It is visually very engaging and easy to adapt. 

Some Other Templates

Download a Professional Invoice Template for Free

Whether you are running a business at a small or medium level with the right invoicing software, you can significantly reduce the risks and margins of error. Download the free professional invoice template from Agiled today, and make your billing process super faster.