Rent Invoice Template

Create high-quality and detailed invoices that are fitted to the particular needs of your business. Download the free rental invoice template from Agiled to start collecting your rent payments professionally and mannerly.

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The leasing of property or equipment, despite the duration of the contract, the amount of rent received from these operations requires accurate documentation.
That’s why Agiled has designed professional invoice templates to make your job easier. With the free rental invoice template from Agiled, sending detailed and high-quality invoices to your tenants is a matter of a few minutes.
Our stylish and customizable templates are available for download in PDF, XLS, DOC, Google Docs, and Google Sheets

Download Rent Invoice Template

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Real Estate Rental Invoice

Make your billing quick and straightforward by downloading this stylish and customizable invoice template from Agiled. Download, customize, and send professional and detailed invoices to all your tenants in quick succession.

invoice template

Rent Bill Template

No matter Whether you are leasing apartments or machinery. Download this stylish invoice template from Agiled today and create a well-designed, detailed, and clear invoice in just a few seconds.

What Is a Rent Invoice Used For?

Whether you are a landlord or running a rental company, the rent invoice is significant. Without a rent invoice, it is tough to register rents timely, calculate rents, and keep a list of debtor customers. With Agiled, all this will be easier.

Download the free rent invoice template today; it will allow you to keep records of vehicle rental, equipment rental, construction equipment rental, land lease, real estate rental, and much more. 

There are so many other benefits to using a rent invoice template. Some of them are as follows.

  • You can focus more on what you do best rather than on debt collection
  • Your billing is done correctly and quickly.
  • Make the cash flow more transparent.
  • You get happier tenants and appear more professional when you bill precisely and correctly.
  • Get paid quickly.
  • Automatically send reminders to the tenants.
  • Avoid fraud.
  • Organize client’s account details.
  • Easy handling of documents.
  • Have PDF format.
  • Printer-friendly.
  • Very handy at the time of filing the tax time.
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How to Create a Rent Invoice?

As a property owner, you are obliged to issue an invoice to the tenant for each service provided

Follow these simple steps and create a rent invoice in minutes.

  1. Download the free “Rental Invoice Template” from Agiled.
  2.  Add your business’s necessary details like postal address, contact number, email, and website.
  3. Add the rental period.
  4. Add the rental amount and what each cost covers.
  5. Add the tenant’s name, business (if relevant), and contact details.
  6. Calculate the total and put that final sum in the “Total” section of the invoice.
  7. Add your preferred payment methods.
  8. Specify late fees or any other policies in the “Notes” field.
  9. Save.
  10. Send.

With the blank fields of this rent invoice template, you can easily customize the invoice to each property and tenant. This helps you to create the invoice quickly and transparently for both parties to understand it easily.

Rent Invoice Types

Every tenant has different needs. That’s why each invoice you issue must be fit for all needs.

Whether you are renting a commercial building, a small apartment, or equipment, you need an invoice for rent that is easy to fit. Our free rental invoice template is perfect for:

  • Equipment rental.
  • Party rental.
  • General real estate.
  • Monthly rent for tenants.
  • Renting equipment.

Some Other Templates

Download a Rent Invoice Template for Free

Now you can effortlessly collect your payments from the tenants with Agiled. Download the free rent invoice template and start collecting all your payments quickly and accurately.