Sales Invoice Template

Do you want to take your business to the advanced level? Download the free sales invoice template from Agiled and start creating customizable and branded invoices for your business.

Get Your Free Sales Invoice Template

Once you sold the products or provided the services, it’s time to issue sale invoices. With the help of the free downloadable invoice template from Agiled, you can easily create your invoice in various formats like Word, XLS, PDF, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.
We design sale invoice templates that look professional and meet all the mandatory requirements of your business. The main advantages of using our sale invoice template:

  • You decide what the invoice looks like.
  • No restrictions as you have with many programs.
  • If you know Word or Excel, there is no learning curve; you can get started right away.
  • It’s free to download. See our gallery.

Download Sales Invoice Templates

Consulting Invoice Template

Wholesale Invoice Template

Download, customize, and send this invoice template to all your clients no matter what services or products you sold. Spend less time on invoicing and more on doing business.

cake invoice template

Retail Invoice Template

Download this editable and versatile invoice template, start creating high-quality and professional invoices in your style. Everything you need is included.

E-Commerce Invoice Template

Product Invoice Template

With this beautiful and customizable invoice template, you can easily create stylish and detailed invoices for your customers. This invoice template is something for you.

invoice template

Store Invoice Template

As a store retailer, you never want to use complicated and expensive invoicing software. Download this template from Agiled for free and make your billing process fast and easy.

invoice template

Sales Bill Template

Don’t waste your valuable time and money designing a new invoice. Rely on this customizable invoice format to make sure you get compensated immediately in the right way.

Invoice with Agiled Instead

Catering Invoice Template
Creative Invoice Template

Store Blank Sales Invoice Template

Don’t waste your valuable time and money designing a new invoice. Rely on this customizable invoice template to make sure you get compensated immediately in the right way.

HVAC Invoice Template

Sample Sales Invoice Template

After providing leading products, you deserve to get paid swiftly and ideally. Make your invoicing process super faster using this beautiful and easily editable invoice template.

Invoice with Agiled Instead

Bakery Invoice Template

What Is a Sales Invoice Used For?

Suppose you have professional and perfect invoicing software. In that case, you do not need to hire an accountant because you can easily manage your accounting administrative tasks with the help of the invoice. 

Create professional and detailed sales invoices with Agiled and take the standard of your business to the next level effortlessly.

You can enjoy a lot of advantages with Agiled, some of them are as follows:   

  • You can easily keep a record of all the important details. 
  • It helps you to keep track of your payments.
  • Easy to manage the client’s account details.
  • Very handy at the time of filing the tax papers.
  • Alert for missed and due payments.
  • Uncomplicated bookkeeping.


Consulting Invoice Template

How to Create a Sales Invoice?

Creating the sale invoice with Agiled is a matter of a few minutes. Follow the given steps and get your stylish and well-organized invoice in a minute.


  1. Download the sales invoice template from Agiled for free.
  2. Add your or business name along with the contact details.
  3. Add your business logo in different fonts and colors.
  4. Add your client’s name and contact details.
  5. Add the invoice issuance date.
  6. Add the payment due date.
  7. Enter the unique invoice number.
  8. Add the list of your services rendered and the cost for each.
  9. Calculate the total cost of the project, including tax, etc.
  10. Add payment terms and conditions.
  11. Add payment method
  12. Add privacy policy, if any.
  13. Add personalized message
  14. Save.
  15. Send your invoice via email or Agiled.

With our stylish and customizable invoice template, you can quickly fill in the products’ details according to the project or the job. This will help you to bill your clients for all your services or products in a minute and get the reward immediately in the right way.

Invoice Types for Retail Sales

Every specialized service or product has its specific needs and very different charge levels. So it would help if you billed your clients with an invoice that fits all your and client’s requirements. The Agiled empowers you to charge your clients with the invoice type that suits you the best. Here are a few of them. 

  • Standard Invoice: The most basic invoice. You can issue this invoice by billing your clients for all types of products.
  • Automatic Invoice: The best option is to bill your clients for an agreed amount for your services. This invoice is usually issued every month.
  • Credit Invoice: A credit invoice comes into action when your clients want you to refund their payments.
  • Debit Invoice: This is used to notify of additional charges in the total amount owed to a business. 
  •  Mixed Invoice: It includes all the details of both debit and credit transactions.

Some Other Templates

Download a Sales Invoice Template for Free

Make your billing process super faster with the free sales invoice template from Agiled. With our beautiful and professional invoice template, you can quickly create and send well-designed, detailed, and clear invoices with just a few clicks.