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It does not matter whether you deliver the goods locally or inside the country. Enjoy your earning timely and ideally by issuing detailed and professional invoices with the free trucking invoice template from Agiled.
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Our beautiful and free downloadable invoice templates are available in various formats like PDF, Google Sheets, Word, Google Docs, and Excel. See all invoice templates here.

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You run trucks on highways, and never want to run a billing software that slows down your payments process. Download this free from Agiled and speed up your billing process. It is a perfect invoice template for efficient billing.

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Special cargo

Our elegant invoice template pays attention to details, branding, and style. Download, customize, and send this stylish invoice template to all clients and stand out from the crowd.

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Time sensitive shipments

Very intuitive and adaptable, this online invoicing template makes payments faster. Feel free to try all the customization options yourself to get the perfect outstanding invoice.

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Recurring or regular clients

This invoice template is a complete setup that helps you create and send well-designed, detailed and clear invoices in seconds. Download now, stay up to date, and simplify your life

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What Is a Trucking Invoice Used for?

Whether you are a truck driver, tow truck operator, or running a trucking company, you may be looking for the best possible way to bill your clients. Getting paid timely and accurately helps you run your truck or business smoothly, but billing with expensive, complicated accounting software never lets you collect your payments on time.

With the free trucking invoice template from Agiled, creating and sending professional and detailed invoices is a matter of a few minutes.

Start collecting all your payments quickly and accurately, regardless of what services your trucking company provides.

Visit our online invoice library for more. Some advantages of using a trucking invoice include:

  • Free to download
  • Bill your clients immediately
  • Get paid quickly
  • Available in various format like PDF, Google Sheets, Google docs
  • Editable and printable
  • Alerts for unpaid invoices
  • Easily to find the record of unpaid invoices
  • Easily to find the particular invoice in a minute
  • Create a professional invoice to reflect your professionalismĀ 
  • Get your services charges in minutes
  • You can quickly pinpoint any invoice shipment that is not invoiced yet


Now it’s time to drive your business quickly and smoothly with an invoicing tool that empowers you to keep things simple and ready for tax time.

With our stylish and customizable transportation invoice template, you can easily bill all your clients for all your services and get paid timely and accurately.

How to Create a Trucking Invoice?

Taking the business to the next level is the dream of every business person. But it all depends on your hard work and financial transactions. Therefore, you need a powerful invoicing tool to bill your clients quickly and flawlessly.

Follow the instructions given below and get the perfect trucking invoice for your business.

  • Add your or business name and contact details
  • Add the invoice number and issue date
  • Add the clientā€™s name and contact details
  • Add the detail of the services provided and the cost for each
  • Add the truck number if applicableĀ 
  • Add the totalĀ 
  • Payment methodĀ 
  • Add payment terms and conditions
  • Add personalized message
  • Save
  • Send your invoice via email, or Agiled


Our trucking company invoice template is so flexible that you can easily add all the details of the products and services.

Invoice Types for Trucking Companies

Here are some of the invoice types that a truck company or drive should have to bill their clients.

  • Standard Invoice: This invoice type helps you know exactly how much amount is payable by the client against your services.
  • Recurring Invoice: This invoice template helps you receive your billing amount from your client regularly. This type of payment is made when a client buy a subscription to your services
  • Prepayment Invoice: Through prepayment invoices, you can bill your client for the initial or advance payment before providing your services.
  • Time-Based Invoice: A time-based invoice empowers you to bill your client for your services on an hourly basis.Ā 
  • Credit Invoice: When there is already credit in the account, this credit invoice helps your clients know when the credit will be transferred to their account. It is sent to the clients whenever a refund is submitted.
  • Debit Invoice: This type of invoice is issued to inform the clients that they have owed the amount for your courier services.Ā 
  • Mixed Invoice: It contains or shows both credit and debit amounts.

Some Other Templates

Download a Trucking Invoice Template for Free

Letā€™s start to simplify your business bookkeeping with our professional invoice templates. Download the template for free and start creating stylish and branded invoices for your business in a few minutes.