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Manage and track everything from day one to the deadline. You don’t have to switch between email, spreadsheets, and other tools to manage your projects.

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A Complete Project Management Software

Managing projects is hard, especially when you have a large team and no software to track their progress. Agiled comes with all the features you need to manage your projects on time to make your clients happy.

project management

Project Templates

Project templates can help you save time when starting a project which is similar to your previous projects. You can save tasks, team members, and other important details.

Project Templates
Gant Charts

Gantt Chart

See your project schedule with Gantt Charts, which are created automatically, and you can also edit them. Share the Gantt Chart with your clients and teams or anyone else via a public link.

Project Categories

Stay organized with project categories. Quickly filter the project category when working on several projects.

Project Categories


Create tasks and assign them to your teammates to divide the work and complete projects on deadline. You can also share task updates with clients.

Learn more about Tasks.

Create Milestones

Create milestones for your projects to track your project’s progress and create deliverables for your clients.

Project Files Sharing

Share Files With Team

Share files with your team working on the project. Upload files or share links that are important for the project.


See all the invoices for the project in one place. Create invoices from the project dashboard for the project.

Learn more about Invoicing.

invoices for the project
See timesheets from your team for a project


See timesheets from your team for a project. This helps you understand where your team is spending it’s time and which tasks are taking long.

Project Burn Down Charts

See how your team is doing against time on a project. Check if everything is going according to plan and estimated time or not.

Project Burn Down Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

Can clients see the project progress?

Yes, clients can see the project progress from their portal. If you want you can also share tasks with them from the project settings.

Can I share Gantt Chart via a link?

Yes, you can share Gantt Chart via a link if you want,  to share it with the public.

How many project categories can I create?

You can create unlimited project categories.

Can I manually log the time for the project?

Yes, you can also log time manually from the project dashboard.

How many project templates can I create?

You can create unlimited project templates. 

What is the Project Burn Down chart?

Project burn down chart is a graphical representation of work left to do versus time for the project. Burndown chart can help you measure the progress of your team for a project.

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