Agiled Wins Multiple Accolades From Gartner Digital Markets in Q1 2022

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Agiled is proud to announce its incredible award-winning streak in the first quarter from Gartner Digital Markets (Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp)! Our product got recognized in multiple reports across all Gartner Digital Markets brands for various categories. These reports are independent assessments enlisting the top products under different categories based on the independent user ratings and reviews. 

Here’s what our CEO has to say about these accomplishments “I just got to know that we have multiple Awards in our Category and I am blown away by the response. I am beyond happy that me and my team are able to help so many businesses grow with our platform. This motivates us and inspires us to work even harder to help businesses grow”.

Check out our amazing Q1 wins:


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“Agiled really impressed me with its extensive CRM capabilities and multiple features. It really is a one-stop-shop for all of your agency needs. It has been a great experience so far. Their support team is responsive and helpful.”

~Luis L.~

[Source: Capterra]


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“I love the ease of use and clean it is. I tried only CRMs and this is by far the best one.”

~ Adrian G.~

[Source: GetApp]

Software Advice

(Check out the methodology here)

This app looks like it’s the app for all aspects of small business. Time management, file storage, CRM, invoices, calendar, task management, and much more. Very good job!!

~ Paweł~

[Source: Software Advice]

Agiled is rated 4.7 (out of 5) on all Gartner Digital Market brands. Our users have made this possible! Thank you for loving and believing in us!

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About Gartner Digital Markets:

Gartner Digital Markets is a Gartner business unit composed of Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice. It is the world’s premier source for software vendors to connect with in-market buyers, through research, reviews, and lead generation.

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