Put Your Business On Autopilot With Automations

Automate repetitive tasks like sending invoices, forms, emails, and contracts etc to service your clients without any delays.

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Create Generic Automations For All Contacts.

Create generic automation that work for all of your contacts.

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Customize the workflow to

Work Less, Get More Done

Get more done by working less. Create an automation once and let Agiled do all the heavy lifting and work for you while you sit and enjoy.

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Here are some of Automation Actions to help you with your business

Send Emails

Automatically send emails to specific contacts when a trigger is fired.

Create Invoice

Create an invoice when a form is submitted or a contract is signed or on any other trigger.

Send Form

Send a questionnaire, survey, or any other form to a contact when a certain trigger is fired.

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Put Your Business On Cruise Control

Get started with Agiled automations and put your business on cruise control. Work less, get more done.


Automations help you in doing repetitive and hectic tasks automatically. Agiled automations help you save time that you can spend on the things you love.

Right now, there are five actions with seven triggers and several other options. You can send emails, invoices, contracts, forms, archive a project etc. You can customize and build the workflow according to your business needs.

Right now, we support five actions in workflow automations that include sending email, invoice, contract, form, and archiving a project. 

We are working on adding a lot more actions to help you with the business automation. 

We have seven different triggers right now and you can choose a fixed time and date to run an action too. 

You totally can, use of workflow automations depend on your business needs. If you want to save time and do what you love instead of doing hectic and repetitive tasks, you can use automations. You can send emails, invoices, forms etc by creating an automation once. 

Put Your Business on Autopilot With Agiled