What Is A Sales Invoice?

what is a sales invoice

A sales invoice is a business accounting document that is used for the purpose of recording a business transaction, including the services provided by the business and the amount that is to be paid by the client (due payment). Such types of business documents are very important for small businesses for the purpose of record-keeping.

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Why Are Sales Invoices Important for Small Business Accounting?

Sales invoices are very important for small business accounting because these are the main source for requesting payment from a client for the products or services provided by the business.  Some of the important aspects of sales invoices are:

1. Source for Accurate Bookkeeping:

You need sales invoices for the proper book-keeping of sales of a business, including all the information you need to track and monitor your sales and cash flow. You can also manage your financial reports through sales invoices. 

2. Record for Tax Returns:

Sales invoices provide the complete record of sales for tax purposes. IRS suggests that one should keep the business documents like sales invoices and other financial documents to verify the claim for tax return. So, you must have a complete record of your business’s revenue and expenses to keep yourself aside from trouble.

3. Inventory Management Tool:

Sales invoices are the best source for your inventory management. These provide you a complete guide on how to manage your expenses and inventory side by side. Your sales invoices allow you to track and monitor the in-hand business inventory and also tell you about how much you will need for the future. 

4. Legal Protections:

A professional sales invoice is the best evidence for all your financial deals.  It is a legal document that can protect you from lawsuits filed against your company. These documents have the complete record of services you provided to your clients and the timeline details of work. 

5. Data for Business Plans:

Sales invoices provide important financial data for your future business plans. It helps you to estimate the earnings and forecast your future business revenues.  You can also use this information to calculate the amount you can invest for the growth and improvement of your business. 

What Is the Purpose of a Sales Invoice?

A sales invoice is an important business document for both business and its client. This financial document provides the detail of services that a business is offering its client. Moreover, it also helps the business to get paid faster on the basis of payment terms and payment deadlines present on the document.  Sales invoice track and monitor a business transaction between both parties (business owner and client) for record-keeping purposes that lays the foundation for a company’s financial statements.

What’s the Difference Between a Sales Invoice and Sales Order?

A sales invoice and sales order are the sales documents that are used for business accounting purposes (bookkeeping). The major difference between them is:

  • Sales invoices are created by the business at the time of providing services to its clients.
  • Whereas, a sales order is generated by the clients when they purchased a service from a business. 

The purpose of a sales invoice is to highlight the financial details, such as terms of sale, payment details, late payment fees, service details, payment status, the deadline for payment, payment methods, and work timelines, etc. 

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