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client onboarding

Create Multi Step Onboarding Flows

Add multiple steps you want your clients to complete during onboarding. Collect all the data you need for the client projects.Add as many steps as you want.

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client onboarding

Get Agreements Read and Signed

Add the content you want your clients to read while onboarding. This can be agreements or terms for working with you. Your clients can sign it during onboarding.

Embed Forms To Collect Data

Want to collect more data? Embed forms created in Agiled with simple steps. Your clients will be able to fill the form during onboarding.

embed forms
embed cutom content

Embed Content For Your Clients

Our powerful editor lets you embed custom content in the onboarding process. This can help in showing important data like photos, videos, and textual content to your clients.

Get Important Files From Your Client From The Start

With our onboarding flows and file manager, you can ask your clients to upload files that are important for your work together. You can even choose the folders where the files would go.

embed cutom content
onboarding form

Share All The Important Documents

Share all the important documents with your clients for the projects. This helps you share important information and keep things clear from the start.

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Yes, you can embed videos in the onboarding process using our rich editor.

There is no limit on the number of steps in the onboarding flow. We understand that each business is different so there is no limit on the number of steps.

You can create onboarding flows with multiple steps in Agiled and assign it to your contacts/clients. Your clients can then go through each step of the flow to complete the onboarding. You don’t have to do anything other than creating the flow.

No, you can only embed forms created in Agiled in the onboarding process.

Yes, you can choose folder where the uploaded files will be saved.

No, there is no limit on the number of files your client can upload. 

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