Small Business Advertising Ideas: Reach Your Audience Effectively

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Setting up a new business is not an easy job. You have to work hard to stabilize your new business. Advertising and marketing are necessary for small businesses as it helps in promoting your business in the market. Different mediums are working for this purpose, like digital advertising. This article will help you get different business advertising ideas. You can invest in advertisement production through different mediums to hit potential customers, including:

  • Television
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Radio

You can also use social media platforms for this purpose, which include:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Google
  • AdWords

It will help your business’s growth, and you may get a chance to work with good companies. Online marketing is the latest way to market your business easily. Social media will help market your business if you have a limited budget.

This article covers:

Types of advertising for small business


Types Of Advertising For Small Business

Small businesses can choose the best advertising option for their business, depending on the resources they have. Keeping the budget in mind, you can choose an effective advertising option to promote your product, service, or relevant content. You can use any form of advertising:

  • Social media advertising
  • Local business ideas
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Mobile advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Broadcast advertising
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Direct mail advertising

1. Social Media Advertising:

Using social platforms, you can specify your ads to a particular community or area of people. It is the best option if you want to expand your business within a city or state. The cost of advertising through social media platforms is affordable. Social media advertising options include:


It is one of the best mediums to promote a small business at reasonable expenses. It has a wide range of audiences, so promoting your product, service, or content through Facebook Ads or Facebook business to many people is easy. There are different ad units on Facebook; you can choose between them easily. These ad units include:

  • Video ads
  • Customer offers
  • Carousel images
  • Lead generations
  • Page likes
  • Event responses


It helps promote a small business to a younger audience, as it is a highly visual brand that appeals to the young generation. It also has the same ad units that are of Facebook, including:

  • Video ads
  • Carousel images
  • Image ads
  • Stories ads

Call-to-action buttons can help to drive traffic to your website.


It is a bit costly compared to other social media sites. It has a business-to-business (B2B) sales model, which helps make links with business professionals. You can easily target professionals in particular companies through LinkedIn ads. It is one of the best opportunities for expanding your business on a large scale.

2. Local Advertising Ideas:

It targets the local population. The ideas for local advertising are:

Make business cards:

It is one of the less costly advertising methods. The card carries a discount code on its back, and people can use the discount code if there’s an incentive for them. They further take away that card to refer it to their contacts. 

Sponsor a local event:

You can give donations to a local charitable event. It will help you get some recognition of the participants of that event. On the other hand, it gives you satisfaction to help someone for a good cause.

3. Pay-Per-Click Advertising:

It is an online advertising platform where you need to pay some amount to the users who click on your ads. If the user sees your ad but does not click it, you don’t need to pay any fee. Google and Bing ads are common for PPC advertising. Small businesses with limited resources can opt for this platform for Search Engine Marketing (SEM). According to ‘Wordstream,’ a company can earn $2 on average by spending $1 on google ads.

4. Mobile Advertising:

It is a type of digital advertising where mobile devices or tablets are the mediums to display ads. It is one of the best promotion mediums because it can cover a larger population using smartphones and tablets. It includes:

  • Mobile search ads
  • Mobile display ads
  • Mobile videos
  • Mobile apps (for promoting certain brands)
  • Social media ads (only for mobiles)

People are commonly using mobile apps and software for online shopping. So it is the best choice for advertising your business through a mobile phone. 

5. Print Advertising:

It is one of the primary advertising methods. It is becoming less common, but it still impacts people who habitually read newspapers or magazines. Besides these, it also includes:

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Pamphlets 

It is common among the older generation who inhabits reading. It is the best option if your product or service is appealing to the older audience.

6. Broadcast Advertising:

It includes Television and Radio. It covers the masses and is one of the effective mediums to promote your services or products. Professional TV ads are quite expensive, but if you are making ads for local TV channels, they are in your range. It is the best option for people with small businesses who want to promote their business locally. The cost of tv or radio ads depends on the length and frequency of the ads. If the ads are lengthy and more frequent, then the expenses will be high. If the ads are short and less frequent, then the expenses will be less.

7. Outdoor Advertising:

It is the type of advertising which you can find outside your home. It includes:

  • Billboard ads
  • Digital signage
  • Transit ads (bus shelters, train ads, subway stop ads)
  • Street furniture ads
  • Sports venue ads

It can be costly, so you can go for outdoor advertising to overcome the expenses if you are financially strong.

8. Direct Mail Advertising:

It is a web-based email advertising to personally send emails to individuals or companies to promote your product or services. It includes:

  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Sales letters
  • Newsletters

It is less common for small businesses in the local market. It can be beneficial in some cases, especially if you want to target any specific area or group of people.

Advertising Tips For Small Businesses:

Here we will share a few advertising tips for small businesses:

Advanced Targeting:

It is essential to categorize the audience. If you are selling a product or service for any particular age group or area, you must target that audience. So plan your advertisement for the target audience and choose the relevant medium to promote your product or services. It will save you time, money, and energy.

1. Advertise For Your Target Audience

Once you have categorized the audience, you can easily plan your advertisement accordingly. If you provide any service or product for youngsters, you can use Instagram, Snapchat, and other relevant apps to advertise a product. On the other hand, if your target is an older audience, you should opt for broadcast media advertising (TV, Radio) or print media advertising (newspaper, magazines).

2. Track Your Success:

The next step is to track and measure your success. Feedback is one of the most important factors for monitoring your success. You can plan for your future activities according to the type of response you get from your audience priorly. You can get feedback if you are advertising through PPC or social media. But in the case of broadcast and outdoor advertising, you can not estimate your success rate. In that case, you can leave your contact or email details so your clients can contact you.

3. Work Smartly:

If you do not have enough resources to advertise your product or services throughout the year, you can choose the right time to advertise. You can research your business season when it works more effectively.  Depending on that time, you can plan your advertisement campaign. Identifying when people are more likely to buy your services can help you earn a good income.

4. Use Remarketing Strategies:

It is a type of digital marketing. It is specifically for the people visiting your site but not buying any service. You can convince those people through attractive discount offers and make them think about buying your services.

Q1. What are the 4 types of advertising?

1. Social media advertising
2. Broadcast advertising
3. Outdoor advertising
4. Direct mail advertising

Q2. What is the best form of advertising?

There isn’t any best form of advertising because it depends on your resources and budget.

Q3. Where can I promote my small business?

You can promote your small business through social media, broadcasting, and outdoor advertising easily. 

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