Management Software for Construction

Tackle the unique challenges of the construction industry head-on with Agiled’s all-in-one business management software, designed to streamline your operations and boost productivity.

Top view of five diverse people in suits and helmets sitting at office with blueprints and gadgets. Qualified construction team planning arrangement of service lines of new building.

Scaffold Your Success in Construction with Agiled!

Scaffold Your Success in Construction with Agiled!

Maintain strong relationships with clients and vendors, and track potential leads with Agiled’s CRM.


Finance for Accurate Financial Tracking

Handle invoicing, track project-related expenses, and manage recurring payments with Agiled’s Finance feature.


Scheduling for Efficient Time Management

Coordinate schedules for workers, subcontractors, and client meetings to avoid conflicts with Agiled’s Scheduling feature.


Docs for Seamless Contract Management

Streamline contracts and proposals with Agiled’s Docs feature, ensuring everyone is on the same page.


Automations for Optimized Workflows

Simplify routine tasks and allow your team to focus more on the construction site with Agiled’s Automations.


Productivity for Effective Project Management

From new builds to renovations, efficiently manage and track your construction projects with Agiled’s Productivity Tools.

Additional Features to Reinforce Your Construction Business Operations


Manage your workforce effectively, from schedules to payroll and leaves.


Create comprehensive guidelines and instructions for various construction projects.


Improve communication within your team and with clients for swift decision-making.

File Manager

Store important documents, blueprints, and contracts securely.


Keep everyone updated on important news or changes in the project.


Manage inventory of your construction materials and equipment.

Reporting Features

 Gain valuable insights on project progress and finances.

Branding Options

Customize Agiled to represent your construction business brand.

API and Native Integrations

Seamlessly integrate Agiled with your existing systems.

Custom Domain

Establish a strong online presence with a custom domain.

Custom Colors

Personalize your Agiled interface to match your brand’s aesthetics.

Multiple Brands Management

 Manage multiple construction brands or projects from a single Agiled account.

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Yes, Agiled’s Productivity Tools are designed to effectively plan, assign, and track your construction projects.

With Agiled’s CRM and Chat features, you can facilitate efficient and timely communication with clients and vendors.

Yes, Agiled’s Automations feature can streamline routine tasks, enabling your team to concentrate on essential construction work.

Yes, with Agiled’s Finance feature, you can create, manage, and track invoices easily.

Absolutely, Agiled offers various customization options to match your brand’s look and feel, including custom domains, colors, and more.