Agiled & Automizy Integration

Take your marketing automation to next level with Agiled Integrations. Bring your Automizy contacts to Agiled, and send leads from Agiled to Automizy with our Automizy Integration.

Keep your Automizy Contacts Synced With Agiled

What is Automizy?

Automizy is an email marketing automation software, designed to increase your open rates and conversions.

Agiled + Automizy

Sync all your contacts in Agiled with Automizy in a single click. Import all your clients from Automizy.

Automate your marketing with Automizy Integration.


Sync Automizy Lists Contacts with Leads In Agiled

  • Effortlessly sync your lists from Automizy with leads in Agiled.
  • Send proposals to these leads, move them to the next step in sales pipeline and close more deals.

Sync Leads From Agiled To Automizy Lists

  • Sync your leads from Agiled to lists in Automizy for marketing automation and nurture your leads.
  • All you need to do is choose Automizy list and click a button, Agiled will do all the heavy lifting for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Agiled Integrates with Automizy to sync your contacts between the two platforms. You can import your contacts from Automizy with a single click and you can export all of your contacts to Automizy with a single click. You can either sync all contacts or sync contacts added on a specific date

You need Automizy API key from your Automizy account to integrate with Agiled. Just copy paste your API key and you are good to go. 

Right now you have to manually sync your contacts to and from Agiled. 

Start Using Automizy With Agiled Now

Signup for Agiled for free and integrate with Automizy to automate your marketing and close more deals. 

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