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Looking for a Consignment Agreement template? Our team has drafted a simple, easy to understand, and easy to customize Consignment Agreement template. Download the contract ( in Word or PDF) and save your precious time in business.

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To help you grow your Business we have made a quite simple yet reliable Consignment Agreement template in Word and PDF versions so you can use it repeatedly.
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  • Time frame
  • Insurance 
  • Payment terms
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What is a Consignment Agreement?

A consignment agreement is a legally binding document between two parties, a consignee (a person who has something to sell) and consignor (a person who agrees to sell that item) for selling, storage, transfer, resale and use of the items. The one who provides something for sale pays the seller some amount of the sale price for their service.

What is the purpose of a consignment agreement?

A consignment agreement helps a person who wants to sell something to someone without making a direct deal with the buyer. According to this agreement the consignor is a person who charges some fee for selling the item on behalf of the owner. This method is very helpful in getting a good amount.

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Important Terms

What are the components of consignment agreements?

The most important things that your consignment agreement must include are:


Payment is no doubt the first thing you must be thinking about when considering consignment that how much you will be paid once your product sells. That is why it is very important to mention the payment amount in your written contract. You should set a minimum retail price to ensure a decent portion of the sale even if your item ends up in clearance.

Payment terms and accounting

You must include the payment terms in your contract highlighting all the details about payment time, method, amount etc. The payment terms should be based on the retailer’s return policy. A product creator must ensure keeping track of the inventory with every retailer, receiving a regular update of inventory.

Shipping charges

If you are dealing with the retailers living outside your area then it is important to include the shipping charges in your consignment contract.

Time frame

You must also add the time period for keeping the item with a retailer, which means for how long the retailer should keep the item. It is compulsory for seasonal items such as summer dresses or other themed products.


It is important to have a valid insurance of the products before entering or signing a consignment agreement. For that you should ask for insurance proof of the products.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about our Consignment Agreement Templates

 we recognize that your contract layout conditions may need to be changed to be in line together with your client’s needs. That’s why we have made Contrat in Word format as well so  that you’ll be able make adjustments as you like. If you want to make important changes to the template, we propose you to get help of  a lawyer or conveyancer to make sure you still have protection.

There is usually a termination clause added in the contract according to which anyone party or both parties can terminate the contract depending on the situation. But in most of the cases the retailer reserves the right to terminate the agreement upon breach by the other party. By the end of the consignment contract, the retailer must return all consigned inventory to the consignor