Boosting Business Profitability: Agiled’s Expert Strategies and Insights

One of the most common questions from beginner businessmen is: “How long does it take to be profitable?” or “How to boost business profitability. This is an entirely typical and obvious question for a person starting a career in a new field for him. However, experienced business people know that the answer to this question is not simple.

There is no single answer to this question, as it depends on various factors. For example, the amount of time and effort you put into learning and practicing trading strategies, your risk tolerance, your capital available for trading, and the type of markets you are trading in all play a role in how long it will take you to be profitable.

Becoming a profitable businessman takes a few months to several years. The time it takes will depend on how much dedication and effort you put into learning the market, developing your skills, and developing your trading strategies. Additionally, the type of markets you are trading in can also affect how long it takes to be profitable. For example, day trading requires much more skill and knowledge than swing trading or investing in the stock market.

In this article, we will discuss the following topics:

How to become profitable?

To become profitable, try increasing sales, reducing costs, diversifying revenue streams, setting financial goals, and monitoring progress. Seeking professional advice can also be helpful.

Here are some ways to become profitable.

Reduce Overhead

It is not always about the sales which make you a successful businessman. Sometimes, you have to look at other ways of saving up money. If a new employee joins your office, you could get a slightly used or refurbished laptop instead of buying a brand-new laptop. This can help you reduce your start-up costs. You can apply the same formula to vehicles and other costly items. Moreover, you can switch from office to online mode, where you can save office space, electricity bills, insurance premiums, etc.

Sell Smarter

If you keep a close eye on your sales, you can quickly point out where you are lacking behind. You can tell what works and what doesn’t work for you. You can increase the prices or listen to your customer’s needs and generate more products selling faster.

Increase your Sales Volume

Do not stop your marketing even if you have many customers. You should always try to hit new customers while keeping the existing customers in the loop. You should also try increasing your orders’ average size to get more customers.

Raise Your Prices

People cannot compromise on quality even if they have got the best product from you. It is best practice to retain the customers to maintain the quality. You should also increase the price if your generating costs are getting higher.

Value Customer Feedback

You start selling when you start listening. Understanding the customer’s needs and giving them value generates sales. Customers will follow more when you start valuing them.


It is not a wise idea to handle everything yourself. There are many experts in the market who can work for you and make it easy for you to manage all tasks simultaneously.

Look for Different Dimensions

It is not always possible to work out one idea. Some people fail to sell one product but get a lot of profit by selling another one. Therefore, it is better to choose the different dimensions of one product.

How is business profitability based on the business type?

The profitability of a business is mainly dependent on its type of business. For example, companies that need to invest a lot in equipment and stock may have higher start-up costs. However, they can make more money because of economies of scale. On the other hand, service-based businesses, which require less capital investment, may have lower start-up costs but may need more profit due to their limited customer base. Additionally, businesses that can capitalize on trends or offer unique products or services may generate higher profits than those that do not. Ultimately, the profitability of a business depends on its ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace.

How to determine if your business is profitable or not?

To determine if your business is profitable, you can calculate its net profit margin. This is calculated by dividing the net profit by the revenue and expressing the result as a percentage.
The formula is:
Net Profit Margin = (Net Profit / Revenue) x 100
Net profit is calculated by subtracting all expenses (including taxes) from the revenue.
For example, if your business has revenue of $100,000 and expenses of $80,000, the net profit would be $20,000. The net profit margin would be:
($20,000 / $100,000) x 100 = 20%
This means that for every $1 in revenue, the business made a net profit of 20 cents.
You can use an accounting calculator or software to check the profitability of your business against industry benchmarks or your own performance over time. A high net profit margin is generally a good sign that the business is healthy and generating sufficient income to cover its expenses.

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