18 Best Freelancer Invoicing Apps for Effortless Business Management 2024

Working as a Freelancer but finding it difficult to look for freelancer invoicing apps? Don’t worry; we have got your back.

All of these are top-notch, high-quality freelancer invoicing apps that will completely change your business.

Take a look through the list, give some of the apps free trials a test run and go with the one which you find the best for you!


Perhaps the most well-known freelance invoicing app out there is FreshBooks—and for a good reason. FreshBooks has about anything you could ever need to manage your freelance business—including some of the best freelancer invoicing features.

With FreshBooks’ app, you can create invoices in less than 30 seconds, and then you can send those invoices right to your clients from the dashboard.

And they have this really cool feature built right into the app where if your clients forget to pay their invoice, FreshBooks will send them an automatic reminder so that you always get paid on time without having to re-send PDF invoices dozens of times.

More info from this app’s website:

  • Set recurring invoices for clients who owe you a recurring payment each month
  • Accept payments online through the FreshBooks portal
  • Customize your invoice (which already looks super-professional)
  • Charge late fees (if you want to)Send reminders for unpaid invoices.

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja offers a free plan that will meet the needs of many freelancers. The free plan allows you to create unlimited invoices for up to 100 clients, recurring invoices, proposals, integration with 40+ payment gateways, and more. The free plan also has some time-tracking capabilities.

If you need to manage more than 100 clients, you can upgrade to the Pro plan for $8 per month. The pro plan supports unlimited clients and includes other features like additional templates for invoices and quotes.

Invoice Ninja is a solid option, and the free plan will be more than enough for many freelancers.


Harvest is primarily a time-tracking app, but it also includes invoice functionality. The time-tracking features can be extremely helpful, especially if you’re working as part of a team. Harvest includes some awesome capabilities for team management and project management and integrating time tracking into those functions.

With Harvest, you can easily create invoices for the time and projects that you’re tracking. You can set up automatic reminders and collect payments through PayPal or Stripe.

Because Harvest is more about time tracking than it is about invoicing, the invoicing features aren’t as strong as some of the other options on this list.

Harvest offers a free plan but only allows you to manage two projects and doesn’t include some of the team features. The Solo plan allows you to manage unlimited projects for $12 per month but is also limited to team functionality. The Team plan is priced at $12 per month per person.


Akaunting is not as well-known as many of the other apps on this list, but that might change.

With Akaunting, you’ll get free online software (open source) that includes functionality for invoicing, expense tracking, customer management, and accounting tools.

You have your choice of the cloud version, or you can download it and install it on your own server.

While there are no paid plans and all of the basic features (and there are a lot of them) are free, Akaunting does have an app store, which is how they make money. You can purchase apps that add other functionality to Akaunting, like the receipt tracking example.


Hiveage is a feature-rich app that includes much more than just invoicing. With any of the Hiveage plans, you will get unlimited invoices, payment reminders, time tracking, expense tracking, mileage tracking, reporting, and more.

No free plan is available, but the starter plan is $15 per month.


Xero is another feature-rich solution that has a lot to offer in addition to invoicing. Like FreshBooks, Xero is accounting software that includes invoicing as one aspect of its functionality.

There is no free plan available from Xero. The Early plan is currently priced at $9 per month and allows you to send 5 invoices and quotes, enter 5 bills, and reconcile 20 bank transactions. The Growing plan is $30 per month and removes those limitations.

The Established plan will cost you $60 per month and also adds the capability to manage expenses and projects, including time tracking.


If you’re looking for a more advanced option for invoicing, start your search with Wave. Why? Because Wave offers the best invoice features and functionality in their free plan.

The free plan allows you to create and manage unlimited invoices for an unlimited number of clients. You can customize the invoice templates, create invoices for recurring billing, create and send estimates (then turn them into invoices when they are approved), get automatic payment reminders, track payments, and much more.

The free plan also gives you access to accounting software with income and expense tracking, unlimited bank and credit card connections, and more.

With everything that is available for free, you’re probably wondering how wave makes money. You can set up your Wave account to accept payments for your invoices, and Wave will collect a small fee (2.9% + $0.30 for credit card payments and 1% for bank payments). The fees are very reasonable and are likely to be about the same as the fees you would have for collecting payments in other ways.

Wave also offers a plan that will handle payroll taxes for you. The money that they make from processing payments and the payroll taxes allows them to offer invoice and accounting functionality for free.


Invoicely is an app that specializes in invoicing, but it also has some other features that may interest you. They offer a free plan with limited features that may be more than suitable for freelancers.

The free plan includes:

  • Unlimited invoices
  • Bill in any currency
  • Accept online payments through PayPal

You’ll be able to customize the invoices and easily create professional-looking invoices.

The Basic Plan (currently $9.99 per month) offers a few additional features that may be of use to you, including:

  • Creating estimates
  • Recurring invoices
  • Track time, expenses, and mileage
  • Accept credit card payments


Invoicera is feature-rich invoicing and billing software. Some of the features are beyond the needs of the average freelancer, but you may want to consider if the features would be able to help you in your business.

Invoicera offers a free plan with limited functionality. The free plan does include invoicing, but the major drawback is that you’ll only be able to manage 3 clients on the free plan.

For $15 per month, you’ll be able to move up to the Pro plan and manage 100 clients. Both the free and the pro plans allow you to customize invoice templates, manage recurring billing, and accept credit card payments.

All plans include late payment reminders, unlimited time tracking, profit and loss reporting, and 30+ payment gateways.

Invoicera also offers some other project management and client management features that are probably beyond the needs of most freelancers who are looking for an invoicing app.


HoneyBooks comes packed with all the features you – as a creative professional – need to run your business seamlessly, from proposal to invoicing.

You can easily create and send branded proposals, contracts, and customized invoices while staying on top of client tasks with automated alerts and notifications.

The design interface is easy-to-use with pipeline visualization, where you see exactly where you are with your clients and what you need to work on – all in one place.

Quickbooks Self-employed 

In addition to allowing you to do simple freelancer invoicing from their app, QuickBooks Self Employed allows you to track mileage and other expenses and maximize your Schedule C deductions.


AND.CO’s unique selling point is that they’ll pair you with great tech like the other guys and a real-life human being to help you manage your freelance business.

So when you need more than just an invoicing app, AND.CO is here to help.

As soon as you complete a project in the project management section of the app, your “Chief Operator” will remind you it’s time to send an invoice. No more trying to remember where you stored your freelancer invoicing template, copying, and pasting, saving as, and emailing. You can have your team and the app at AND.CO does it all for you.

More info from this app’s website:

  • Create invoices in 20 seconds or less (whoa)
  • Track your time on your projects to create timesheets and invoices magically
  • Track your expenses to save cash at tax time


ZarMoney is a renowned invoicing solution best suited for freelancers and small businesses. Despite being a feature-rich software, ZarMoney doesn’t have a steep learning curve, making it a worthy recommendation in this list. The app has a self-navigating user interface – enabling users to generate professional-looking invoices in a matter of seconds.

Since freelancers fight many battles on a daily basis, ZarMoney simplifies the accounting processes by enabling users to populate invoice fields from the client database, automate the billing cycle, accept payments online, and reconcile financial statements hassle-free.

ZarMoney is an invoicing solution tailored for freelancers and solopreneurs. The app allows you to:

  • Create professional invoices in seconds with email and print option
  • Customize invoices as per your specifications using the available templates or making one best suited for you
  • Automate invoicing workflows and billing cycle
  • Accept payments online securely and hassle-free
  • Ask clients to pay directly from the invoice by simply clicking the ‘Pay Now’ button
  • Track your payments and expenses to gauge profitability
  • Send alerts, reminders, and notifications to your clients
  • Provide quotes or project estimates and convert approved quotes to invoices with a single click
  • Extract valuable insights and reports to monitor your progress
  • Calculate and file taxes automatically without having to crunch numbers manually
  • Reconcile bank statements in a matter of seconds


Plutio is an up-and-coming freelance invoice app that handles not only invoicing but everything your small business might need. Plutio helps you create tasks for whatever needs to get done and keeps you organized so you can stay focused.

You can also communicate with anyone in your business through real-time messaging and integrated emails, which can be a real lifesaver.

More info from this app’s website:

  • Set your schedule and allow your clients to effortlessly book sessions and meetings.
  • Connect your Stripe, PayPal, or bank account and accept payments securely.
  • Attach invoices to projects to keep track of where they belong.


InvoicePlane is a unique app on this list. Not only is it almost exclusively a freelance invoice app, it’s also completely free. But there’s one small catch: it’s a self-hosted app. Meaning if you choose to go with InvoicePlane, you’ll also need to get some hosting via Bluehost, Dreamhost, or Host Gator.


Hurdlr is an invoice software solution for freelancers and small business owners, with the essentials for getting paid. Features include custom-branded invoices, expense tracking, estimates, and credit card payments.

Paired with their accounting features like mileage tracking, taxes, and income tracking, you have a very powerful tool at your fingertips.


InvoiceBerry is an intuitive online invoicing software designed with small businesses in mind. The software allows you to securely create and send professional invoices to your clients, create various reports, and manage your expenses to stay on top of your business finances.

InvoiceBerry is a perfect solution for small business owners as it helps save invaluable time and money. With InvoiceBerry, you can:

  • Create professional invoices and send them to your clients via email, save them on your device or print them out
  • customize your invoices – multiple pre-designed templates and colour options make it simple to customize according to company needs
  • invoicing on autopilot – schedule your automatic invoices for your repeat and regular clients
  • accept payments online  – Stripe, Square, PayPal, or WePaykeep track of your paid and unpaid invoices
  • send polite reminders to your clients
  • add expenses and see where your money is going
  • generate reports for your clients, payments, tax summaries, and expense and business performance
  • add other users to your account and let them do the invoicing and quoting for you


Zipbooks has different levels of apps for every kind of freelancer and entrepreneur. From the free tier—which offers unlimited invoicing—to the “Services” bundle at $125 that gets you loads of premium app features, including your very own real-life human bookkeeper.

Pair that with a super-clean app interface and easy-to-use design, and ZipBooks is a definite contender.

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