Top 38 Free Resources for Digital Artists: Get Inspired!

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Being a digital artist, one needs to stay updated with the latest trends and resources that can help you outshine your work. This article will help you know a few of the best free resources for digital artists.

Digital Art Served

It provides a wonderful galley of the perfect curated work from the top creatives on the online art collective Behance. On Digital Art Served, you will find lots of projects from the 3D renders that use Photoshop and illustrator illustrations.

It is one of the best sources of inspiration for digital artists. It works well for both novice and experienced learners. It is an online magazine for artists working in the movie, fame, or animation industry. You can learn a lot from this magazine if you are passionate about digital art. 


Coolvibe is a website entirely dedicated to showcasing innovative and inspirational digital art from the web. The subjects include fantasy, science fiction, 3D, retro, illustrations, vector art, and almost every virtual thing. The website is updated on a daily basis, and each digital work is linked back to its original source. 


Pinterest is a photo-sharing website, and you can get images on almost every subject on Pinterest. Digital art is also popular on Pinterest. The website shows you excellent and innovative works from different areas of digital art. You can also check the image’s original source by clicking it once.


This platform contains digital art projects from creatives. You can use the search bar to check the latest digital artwork. Dribbble is a forum where you can like and comment on any digital artwork for appreciation or provide positive feedback.


It is the simplest resource for digital artists. It is operated by Matt Kohr, who is a freelance artist who graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design. He specialized in comic books. He provides free and paid design courses and training to the viewers.

Artweaver Free

Artweaver Free helps you in creating awesome and beautiful realistic digital drawings by taking input from the mouse, and you can get the output on the screen. It allows you to use different brushes from a huge variety of online brushes available. You can create different patterns using pens, brushes, and strokes. It is designed for all ages, but it works well for children who are really into digital art.


CartoonSmart is a vast library of free and paid content. The content ranges from different illustration materials to tutorials in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and AdobeAnimate. Justin Dike himself teaches the majority of premium courses offered by CartoonSmart. 

Corel Painter

Corel Painter is a beautiful software for digital painting. It is updated as per the needs of the users. It offers brush customization, real 3D effects, and much more to suit the user’s needs. The brushes are arranged alphabetically, so it gets easy for the users to pick and use any of them. 

 Computer Arts

It is one of the leading design magazines in the entire world. It focuses on inspirational tips, advice, tutorials, interviews, and much more. It helps you in being a better digital artist by polishing your illustrator, photoshop, InDesign, and other digital art skills.

 ImagineFX magazine

ImagineFX Magazine is the best site for lovers of Fancy art and science fiction. It is the top-selling international magazine for digital arts. It covers images, interviews, and news regarding digital art. Apart from this, it also offers a DVD featuring rich video tuition from professionals, textures, free brushes, and other reference images.


It was co-founded by David Belliveau, who has been illustrating since his childhood. He went to digital drawings in his childhood and never looked back. Through his vast experience and knowledge, he helps millions of people to dive deeper into digital arts through a paintable platform. 


The slogan of CGHub is quite interesting, which says, “The social network for the professionals in the entertainment industry.” On this platform, digital artists from around the world share tips, tactics, techniques, and tools to polish your digital art skills. 

 Sinix Design

Sinix Design is a Youtube channel that has been operational since 2006. It provides a great variety of tutorials, reviews, inspirational videos, and everything that can help you be creative to your utmost capacity. 

 Concept Art World

Concept Art World provides a vast gallery of digital artists. For getting new ideas and inspiration, digital artists are recommended to see this on a daily basis. Concept Art World categorizes different areas of digital art for easy navigation. 

 Computer Graphics Society

The CG society is considered one of the top digital art websites. This site helps you learn, improve your skills and advance your career. The site offers an interactive forum for digital artists to interact with others worldwide to discuss new ideas and tips from their personal experiences. 

 Ram Studio Comics

Robert A. Marzullo is a professional and experienced storyboard and comic book artist. He shares his knowledge and experience with his viewers. He shows the ways of working in Photoshop. He allows you to be creative and use any software of your choice. 

 Deviant Art

This is not entirely dedicated to Digital art or Digital Artists, but it is a great place if you are craving inspiration. It features a huge gallery of images related to every subject. You can get creative ideas here and dive deep into subcategories like typography, 3D art, etc. 

 Proko YouTube Channel

Stan Prokopenko runs this channel. The author offers a wide variety of tutorials on figure drawing and anatomy on the internet. The major focus of Prokopenko is on drawing realistic human figures. His videos are fascinating and informative. 

 Digital Painting Studio

Digital painting Studio is considered one of the best online resources for professional concept art. They offer both free and paid courses. Their free introductory courses about Photoshop and other fundamentals of art are of great help to digital artists. 


DrawBox offers a huge collection of basic drawing exercises. All the services are free of cost. They work as the best warm-up in order to enhance your drawing skills.

 Circle Line Art

Circle Line Art is basically a YouTube channel focused entirely on teaching digital art fundamentals. There are many tutorials available on different drawing perspectives. This is a wonderful channel to polish your skills. 


Sycra is a renowned YouTube channel that offers great tutorials with step-wise processing for novice learners. The tutorials focus on design, drawings, painting, and general art tips.

 Feng Zhu FZD

It is considered one of the best online resources for learning. It covers all aspects of art. It is run by a teacher who is the owner of the largest concept art school. All the videos uploaded on this channel are quite detailed and highly informative. 

 Alphonso Dunn

This particular Youtube channel is focused on traditional art. All the tips, tactics, and skills shared in these videos are really helpful for digital art. Dunn teaches the basics of art and how to draw the environment, human anatomy, etc. 

 Jaysen Batchelor

Jaysen is the author of The Ultimate Drawing Course. He runs a Youtube channel where he shares free tutorials of his drawings. He shows the easy ways of dealing with intricate art too.

 Society of Visual Storytelling

Society of Visual Storytelling is a library that offers fantastic courses about the basics of illustration, visual storytelling, composition, animation, etc. you will get lots of professional tips in the form of tutorials as well. 


Inkscape is one of the best free drawing software. It works best for digital artists due to its extensive collection of effects and tools. This software has an easy-to-customize interface, which also supports nice editing, vector editing, special effects, and filters. You can save your work in different formats using this free drawing software.

 Pixbuilder Studio

PixBuilder is a painting software that allows you to work on images very well. It provides a convenient and easy-to-use interface. It offers various tools where digital artists can play with colours, fonts, effects, and much more.


Gravit is a free drawing software that offers both online and desktop versions. It works best for digital artists as it covers all essential tools needed for vector graphics. This program allows digital artists to use shapes, layers, curves, various selections, transformation tools, and different texts. The best thing about this software is its backup. It backups up every 5 minutes to prevent any data loss. 

 MediBang Paint Pro

This is more inclined toward anime, comics, and manga. It offers an easy-to-use interface. It is also considered one of the best free painting software. It increases the workflow as 800 pre-installed backgrounds and anime-themed templates back it. It offers a vast variety of brushes and font sizes. 


Krita is an open-source painting program available for free. It is designed by professional artists who want to provide art tools to everyone interested in digital arts. The software offers tools for concept art, texture painters, matte painters, illustrations, and comics.


Choosing the right font can make or spoil your digital art. Whether you are into magazine covers or comics, you must pick the right fonts. This website offers a variety of fonts that you can download and use for your digital art. 


Sketchpad is a web-based software that is available for free. It is designed to be used by all ages. It allows easy access to image creation tools on the go. You can also use the tools offline once the website is loaded fully. If you want to use it on a desktop, then you can look for the paid plans of Sketchpad.


Vectr is a powerful graphics software that helps create vector graphics easily. It offers an easy interface with powerful capabilities which can be compared to Adobe Illustrator. It can be used on the web or can also be downloaded. It works great for novice artists who wish to create logos, brochures, cards, posters, etc. 


FireAlpaca is a digital painting software compatible with Mac and Windows. It offers a variety of tools that helps in creating illustrations. New tools are added to this software daily.

It is specifically designed for kids. It provides a fascinating digital canvas where kids can easily play with colors to enter the digital world. It was created by the Greek artist ‘Miltos Manetas’.


Pixilart is a free digital art creation platform. It allows the users to create retro pixel art, similar to old video games’ graphics. It is a safe social platform for all ages.  All the drawings are scrutinized before going public. Novice digital artists can turn their work into T-shirts, mugs, and other such stuff. 


With the current technological advancement, staying in touch with updated resources is essential. The way people used to create and design in previous ages is now entirely different, and it is essential for every digital artist to use different creative tools and resources to make their work easy, creative, and fun. 

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