Increase Your Sales With Agiled’s Lemlist Integration

Lemlist Integration

Automation is the key to online sales. There are many tools businesses use to automate their sales and increase their revenue.
Businesses struggle to find integrations between different Sales tools that can help them do the job faster and in an efficient manner. One of such integration is between Lemlist and Agiled. This integration will help businesses close sales faster by sending them proposals, contracts, estimates, and invoices faster.
It will also help businesses to send customized and targeted emails to their leads.

About Agiled

Agiled is an all-in-one business management tool that helps you manage your leads and clients and create professional proposals, contracts, estimates, invoices, and manage projects. Agiled comes with a customizable white-label ready client portal where your clients can see all the contracts, proposals, invoices, and other things related to them in one place.

About Lemlist

Lemlist is one of the best email outreach tool out there. You can use Lemlist to send automated personalized outreach emails at scale. You can customize images, landing pages, and even warm up your email addresses with Lemlist in one place.
Businesses are using Lemlist to increase their reply rates and eventually sales.

How does this integration work?

You can integrate Agiled with Lemlist to sync your leads. You can import leads from Lemlist campaigns and export leads from Agiled to Lemlist campaigns.
You just have to copy and paste the API key from Lemlist and select Lemlist campaign to sync the leads, Agiled will do all the heavy lifting for you and import or export all the leads.

Integration Use Cases

Close Sales Faster By Sending Proposals To Lemlist Leads

In sales, you have to act quickly, OR you will lose the sale. After you have sent customized emails to your leads with Lemilst and have received their reply, you can use Agiled to create a professional proposal with a drag and drop builder to send them to your lead.
You can send proposals to your leads via public link where they can approve it and sign it online. You can then create a contract and move forward with the sale.

Send Customized Emails to Agiled Leads

You can send customized emails to your Agiled leads via Lemlist. Lemlist helps you send personalized emails at scale.
You just need to export your leads from Agiled to a Lemlist campaign, and Lemlist will do all the heavy lifting for you by sending personalized emails to them to increase your open and reply rates.

Convert your Lemlist Leads in customers and invite them to Client Portal

After you have sent proposal to your lead and they have accepted it, you can convert leads to clients in Agiled.

When you convert leads to customers in Agiled, they get their dedicated account for the customer portal.
Your customers can see projects, contracts, invoices, estimates, proposals related to them. They can even create tickets from the client portal to request support from you.

These are just 3 of the many use cases that are possible with the Lemlist integration. Do you have a use case in mind? Let us know at [email protected], and we will make sure to include it in this article.

Ready to integrate Agiled with Lemlist? Follow this guide to set up the integration and get started.