9 Steps to Create an Effective Invoice Template for Service-Based Businesses

Write An Invoice for Services Rendered

Business owners need to follow an invoice template that includes all the details of the work. Service-based businesses always rely on regular payments for the services that they provide. An invoice should include the details of all the services the business provides, their contact details, invoice number, and total amount. 

Invoice For Services

The basic steps for invoice for services rendered are mentioned below:

1. Design an Invoice Template

Service-based businesses should have their unique invoice template. The features of the template should be:

  • Brand logo
  • Attractive and contrastive colours
  • Visible font 
  • Having professional look 
  • Business information like address and email
  • Invoice number
  • Due date
  • Business details 

2. Write Business Name and Contact Details

Your invoice should be complete in all aspects, including the contact details:

  • Business address/office address 
  • Mailing address 
  • Phone number
  • Helpline number 

3. Client’s Name and Contact Details

It is also important to add the complete details of your client to the invoice. The details of the client should include the following:

  • Client’s name
  • Contact details (Email and Phone number)

4. Service Invoice Number

Every service invoice should have a unique invoice number that should be written clearly on the top corner of the invoice. This unique number helps businesses keep a record of all the services provided. It really helps when a business owner needs to discuss a specific invoice with any client. The invoice number can include numbers, letters, or a mixture of both. 

5. Issuing Date of the Invoice

A business owner needs to mention the date on the invoice clearly. There are two available options to choose from:

  • Write the date on which the invoice is issued
  • Write the date of the billing period

6. Mention All Services Rendered

A service invoice should have a proper breakdown of all the services provided to your client. It is also essential to add a description of the services rendered. The list of services should be mentioned appropriately.

  • A brief description of the work
  • Mention the billable hours (in case of hourly rates) 
  • The price of each service provided
  • The subtotal of all the services listed above in an invoice
  • Any Specialized services 

7. Add Applicable Sales Tax

The taxes entirely depend on the location of your business and the entire setup. Different amount of tax is charged in different states. A business owner should get the details of the tax for his business.  

8. Mention the Payment Terms 

You should clearly mention the payment for services rendered that you will accept from your clients. The payment methods can be:

  • Payment through cheque or debit cards 
  • Payment through credit card
  • Online payment
  • Direct bank deposits

The billing method option should be flexible for the clients. 

9. Lump Sum invoices

Last but not least, your invoice should have the total due amount that your client has to pay for the services that you are offering. This particular information needs to be prominent with large bold numbers and different background colors. The late payment fine should also be included in the total due amount. 

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