List of Common Tax Deductions for Owner-Operator Truck Drivers

Tax season is the most stressful and difficult time for all people in business. Sometimes, it takes effort to find all the receipts at tax time. Every business industry has the right to claim tax deductions. This article will cover the standard truck driver tax deductions.

By knowing the types of expenses, you are eligible for, you can save a lot of money quickly. It is always suggested to prepare yourself for the tax season beforehand. The more organized you are, the better your tax season will pass.



What are the most important things to consider as a truck driver?

If you are the owner, you are responsible for organizing all receipts and paying your taxes. There are a few of the expected taxes that you need to consider:

Self-Employment Taxes

These taxes are similar to average taxes like the medicare or social security tax, and as per IRS rules, self-employment taxes cost 15.3%.

Federal Income Tax

This tax is also known as state income tax. In this type, the taxes are withheld from every paycheck, and the total income tax is calculated. But if you are an owner of the business, you can estimate the payments yourself.

How to estimate profits for deductions and record-keeping?

As an owner, you should know all the tax deductions (actual expense method) for keeping the record and applying for tax deductions accordingly. If you can calculate your profit, you can easily estimate the tax you must pay at the year’s end. You can use this formula to determine the net profit:

Gross Pay – Business Expenses = Net Profit

You must estimate your profits accurately to get the tax deductions as a business owner. IRS checks all the details minutely, and you can benefit from having all the documents ready with proper calculations.

What are the standard tax deductions for truck drivers (owners)?

 Several types of trucking companies have different vehicles or provide other services. A few of the common deductible expenses that all truck drivers can claim are:


Humans need food to stay energized; this meal covers the actual expense, which is deductible if you stop having food. It is important to keep the receipts of all meal expenses to claim tax deductions.


This tax is also deductible if you need to rest for some time. Likewise meals, you can claim a tax deduction for lodgings as well. Personal expenses don’t come in this category. 

Operating Expenses

Some important things like insurance, fuel costs, truck maintenance, etc., are tax-deductible. You should keep proof of all the expenses to claim tax deductions.

Business related Expenses

Some general expenses of every business can be deducted easily, including office supplies, common costs, internet costs, and pocket costs. These general expenses include fees, subscriptions or office items, internet, mobile, etc.


If you prepare well for the whole year, you don’t have to worry during the tax season. You must do the things mentioned above for the entire year to enjoy the tax season instead of getting stressed.

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