Notary Invoice Template

Get the perfect and productive notary invoice template from Agiled and take your notary business to the next level quickly and effortlessly.

Create professional and detailed notary invoices for your all notary services in minutes and get paid ahead of time accurately and ideally.

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As a professional notary, you have to put all your efforts to prevent fraud and take responsibility to certify the credibility of the signer on the critical legal processes.
But to charge your modest fee, you need a notary invoice that enables you to get paid for your services immediately and entirely.
Luckily! with our free downloadable invoice templates,  you can create professional invoices for your notary services quickly and easily.
Send the professional and detailed invoices and get paid for your notary services like lightening speed ideally. You can download our customizable and stylish templates in various formats like Google Sheets, Google Docs, PDF, Word, Excel.

Download Industry Invoice Template

Consulting Invoice Template


A notary is not a rubber stamp only, dozens of life-changing events depend on it. Likewise, our this invoice template is not only a billing tool to help you get paid quickly, but it also enables you to keep track of all your financial transactions. 

Creative Invoice Template

Retainer fees

Download, customize and send this elegant invoice template to your clients and get paid quickly and ideally. You can easily add lines in it to fit all your billing needs. Download now and start charging your clients professionally.   

HVAC Invoice Template


With our this stylish and customizable invoice template you can easily capture all the charges of your specialized services quickly and easily. Download now make your billing simple and quick.

What is Notary Invoice Used For?

Invoice is the fancy way of getting paid from the clients. By using the notary invoice from Agiled, you can easily bill your clients in a few minutes and get paid immediately and ideally.

With our notary invoice, you can easily manage all your business transactions, including tax issues.

The invoice includes all the important details, some of which are as follows.     

  • Your name or your firm name 
  • Address details and contact numbers
  • Witness name and contact details
  • Invoice issuance date
  • A detailed report of all expenses 
  • Total of all the expenses
  • Additional fees

With Agiled’s free notary invoice template, you can fill out the invoice according to your needs. Available in a printable and flexible format, i.e., PDF, Google Sheets, and MS-Excel. Download now and run all your financial matters quickly and smoothly. You can also try our stylish retainer invoices to run your business more smoothly.  

How To Make a Notary Invoice?

Creating a professional and detailed notary invoice with Agiled is pretty straightforward. It helps you to stay organized and save valuable time and money. For recurring payments, you can set up invoice scheduling, which gives you more flexibility in sending the invoices.

Follow the given steps and get your professional and well-organized notary invoice in a minute.

  • Free download the notary invoice from Agiled in various formats like Google Doc, Google Sheets, PDF, etc.
  • Add your logo in different fonts and colors
  • Add your or business name 
  • Add your contact details
  • Add the client’s name and contact details
  • Add the services execute by the witness
  • Add the fee and other expenses
  • Add the witness name and contact details
  • Add the total amount
  • Add the payment terms and conditions
  • Add privacy policy if any
  • Save 
  • Send via Agiled or email, etc. 

Get started today with Agiled and begin to send professional and customizable notary invoices with perfection. 

Types of Notary Invoices

In notary, you have to provide a legal service that impacts various people. So it would be best if you have such an invoice that meets all your notary services requirements comfortably.
To fulfill all your requirements, Agiled presents various types of notary invoices so that you could easily bill your clients without any delay.
Here some various notary invoices:

  • Estate
  • Deed
  • Power of attorney
  • Affidavits
  • Loan documents
  • License
  • Trusts

Now it is easy to manage all your procedural fees by sending professional and well-organized attorney notary invoices to your clients.

Some Other Templates

Download the Notary Invoice Template Free

Get rid of the scratch and unpaid notary invoice software, download the free notary invoice template from Agiled, send and get paid for your all notary services quickly and ideally.