Retainer Invoice Template

Agiled presents the best invoicing process for your business. Download the free and professional invoice template today, and bring innovation to your business and billing process.

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People who are likely to need numerous legal services want to hire a lawyer on retainer. As a result, you provide your expert services to your client whenever required. 

You can find it very difficult to keep track of all your billable hours while working with many clients simultaneously. 

But no need to worry; with our beautiful and free downloadable invoice template, you can keep track of your billable hours accurately and ideally. 

Our retainer invoice template is available in various formats like Google Sheets, Google Docs, PDF, Word, Excel See all invoice templates online

Download Industry Invoice Template

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Retainer Invoice Template

Now it is time to secure your retaining fees and get relaxed; with this stylish and flexible invoice template, you can quickly request the upfront payment for your specialized services.

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After providing valuable consultancy services to your clients. You expect to get paid quickly. Download, customize and send and get paid immediately in the right way.

invoice template


Create professional and detailed invoices in seconds with this beautiful and editable invoice template. Download, customize, send and get paid for your services ahead of time correctly and ideally.

Retainer Invoicing For Small Businesses

On retainer, the clients engage you to represent them in the various projects; therefore, you need to ask them for the upfront retainer fee. 

To meet all the needs and requirements of all activities, you need to get paid accurately and ideally for all your professional services. 

The professional retainer invoices empower you to keep track of all your billable hours without getting confused. That’s why law firms and other small businesses like to issue retainer invoices.

Freelancers, like notaries, keep retainer agreements with their clients for peace of mind. With a retainer, clients can easily make use of freelancer’s services on an ongoing basis.

Lawyers are one of the most popular retainer billing examples. They usually request upfront payments for their ongoing services. Many other small businesses also do the same.

With our retainer invoice template, you can easily add all relevant details including, but not limited to:

  • Contact Details of the Vendor.
  • Contact Details of the Customers.
  • Unique Invoice Number 
  • Issuance Date.
  • Details of the services.
  • Quantity of items.
  • Payment’s due date.
  • Balance Due.
  • Tax if applicable.
  • Mode of Payment.

The Agiled Retainer Invoice Format is so flexible that you can easily modify it according to your business’s needs.

invoice template

How To Make A Retainer Invoice?

If you want to get payment upfront quickly and accurately, then you are a few steps away. 

  • Download the retainer invoice template from Agiled for free
  • Add your logo in different colors and fonts
  • Add your or firm name along with the contact details
  • Add the client’s name and contact details
  • Include the unique invoice number
  • Add the invoice issuance date
  • Add the payment due date
  • Add the list of the services you provide and the cost for each
  • Add any miscellaneous cost
  • Calculate the final amount 
  • Add payment terms and conditions
  • Add payment method
  • Add personalized message
  • Add privacy policy if any
  • Save
  • Send your invoice via email, Agiled, or regular post.

Add all the relevant details of your services into the flexible fields. Customize your retainer invoice template to reflect your professionalism. 

How To Fill Out Retainer Invoice?

With Agiled filling out a retainer invoice is never be so easy before. The editable fields of this invoice template enable you to add all the details of your services mannerly and perfectly.
First, add your and client’s details in the invoice fields, follow-up by an invoice issuance date and a unique number. Then catalog the details of your services provided. Include the payment due date for getting paid on the expected date or time. Before sending the invoice, make sure that you have added the payment terms and conditions.

How to Send Clients a Retainer Invoice?

A variety of payment methods enables you to get paid timely and ideally. In the same way, sending the retainer invoice via various means like email, fax, or with Agiled, etc., also empowers you to get paid immediately and professionally.

Download a Free Retainer Invoice Template

Bring advancement in your billing process with our retainer invoice template. Send professional and detailed invoices with Agiled and get your payment upfront ideally and immediately in the right way.