Complete More Tasks In Less Time

Complete tasks efficiently with Agiled Task Management. Assign task to your team, see their progress and share the progress with your clients.

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Task Management

A Complete Task Management Solution

Agiled comes with a complete task management solution where you can easily create, assign, manage, and share tasks.
Manage your tasks in a more agile way and get things done faster.

Task Management Solution

Organize Your Tasks

Divide your tasks into categories to keep things organized and for managing tasks efficiently.

Task Category
Kanban board

Task Board ( Kanban Board)

View your tasks in the Kanban board to visualize the progress of the tasks. Share Task Board with your clients and teammates.

Task Calendar

Complete your tasks on time with Agiled’s Task Calendar, which helps you quickly view when the tasks are scheduled. Remain informed about upcoming tasks.

Task Calendar

Other things that make Tasks in Agiled Awesome

Repeat Tasks

Repeat tasks are those tasks that you have to do daily, weekly, or monthly. They are automatically added to your calendar.

Task Dependency

Add tasks that are dependent on another task. This way, you can divide work in a well-organized way.

Task Priority

Complete important tasks faster by setting task priority. You can change task priority at any time.

Attach Files

Attach files that are relevant and important to tasks so your team and clients can see them.

Due Dates

Set due dates for tasks so you can complete things on time and keep your clients

Drag & Drop

Easily drag and drop your tasks in Task Board or Task Calendar to move the task to another column or date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you assign the task to more than employees?

No, right now you can only assign a singular task to only one employee but we are adding functionality to add more than one teammates to a task.

Can Clients see tasks?

Yes, clients can see tasks in their portal. If you do not want your client to see the tasks, you can change settings from the admin side.

Can I share Kanban Board Publicly?

Yes, you can share the Kanban board publicly with a public link. 

Can I upload multiple files with a task?

Yes, you can upload multiple files with a task. We recommend only sharing files that are relevant and important to the task.