Master the Art of Copywriting: Top 12 Blogs to for Copywriters


To capture the attention of readers, you need to assemble the best copy for an engaging audience. Writing a perfect piece is never easy, and writing well needs a lot of patience and practice. A special set of skills is required to write the best copy material. The best way to learn this art is to learn from the best copywriters in the world. This article combines the best copywriting blogs for you that will unveil the secrets of flawless copywriting.

Copy Hackers

Millions of people around the world trust Copy Hackers, and it was founded in 2011 by Joanna Wiebe. Different experienced copywriters even take courses from Copy hackers to strengthen their skills.  

Besides the paid courses and material, Copy Hacker offers a copywriting blog with valuable free resources to learn a lot. The headlines used by the Copy Hacker blogs are so catchy that you feel the perfection in them. 


It was founded by Brian Clark, who is known for writing the most influential blogs. The readers of the Copyblogger claim to have learned a lot of new techniques and tricks from Clark. The blog teaches the readers essentials for the best copywriting work for the web. The blog is updated on a daily basis, and it will suit all novice and advanced copywriters. 

It also offers you to take master classes with the paid version of courses from trained copywriters and market experts, who teach you the ways of copywriting for the web.

Copywriting Course

In this technological world, catching your audience’s attention is important. The Copywriting Course focuses on perfection without complexities. The founder of this blog, Neville Medhora, believes in the simplicity of work.

You will find templates and instruction guides that can help you start quickly with the copywriting business at a stage where you have no knowledge about copywriting.


All copywriters know the importance of grammar and syntactic structure in their work. Many people use Grammarly for proofreading purposes and to make their writing flawless, but Grammarly also runs a blog that offers exciting content. The content encompasses engaging content that helps improve writing by following the current trends in communication and writing.

Ben Settle

If you want to be an expert in email copywriting, then you are at the right place. This blog’s founder is also a copywriting poet who knows the art of playing with words to impress the audience. 

Ben Settle not only tells the ways of copywriting but also shares inspiring and creative ways of delivering content. Settle shows you the ways of earning a handsome amount using email campaigns. 

John Carlton

John Carlton is a well-renowned person due to his writing lectures. He is a copywriting legend and an outstanding copywriting teacher. Several leading copywriters call John Carlton their mentor. 

The blog of Carlton is packed with insights, experience, suggestions, and wit. He writes each post himself without hiring any other person to form huge content daily. 

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is another big name in copywriting and content marketing research. According to the statistics of Forbes, Neil is among the top 10 marketers and was recognized as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs by the United Nations. 

Neil Patel writes flawlessly about copywriting, conversion optimization, digital marketing, and e-commerce topics that help you strengthen your writing skills. The readers can immediately apply his skills and tactics to their businesses. 


Creating interesting content daily is not an easy task. If you have to generate content daily, then you should rely on Contently. Contently helps you create a strong connection with your audience. Contently majorly focuses on copywriting and content marketing with a huge number of articles available. 

Contently also offers a wide range of free marketing courses that you can take to strengthen your knowledge on creating powerful content ranging from blogs to videos etc., for your channel. 

Honey Copy 

It is better to rely on tried and tested methods to make sales. You can learn from the experts in copywriting to create inspiring and eye-catching content. Honey Copy is called the creative Writing king. The founder of Honey Copy, “Cole Schafer” breaks the transitional rules and helps you advertise your product in an amusing and clever way. 

Writing Revolt

In order to sell your business, you need to communicate with your audience. Communication can be done effectively by the right choice of words. You can easily convey your message while talking, but you need to sharpen your writing skills. Writing Revolt is a blog that helps in writing well with the sole purpose of connecting with the audience. 

Moreover, this blog is a treasure box full of inspiration and tips for freelance writers who want to be successful in the freelancing line. 


AWAI is a blog site for American writers and artists who help you master copywriting skills. This blog helps you manage your work as a growing copywriter in the best possible way. The world’s top copywriters, like Slaunwhite, contribute to this blog to tell you tactics from their own experiences. They also offer a free resource library for your convenience. 

Blog Tyrant

As per the name, Blog Tyrant is only about blogging. Anyone can easily start a blog, but to get good traffic, you need to have strong copywriting skills. In order to survive in the blogging industry, you need to use your skills cleverly. 

This blog tyrant helps you in starting your own blog, and you can get your income in days by following the tactics given on this blog site. You can start a blog from scratch by relying on Blog Tyrant only.


Copywriting skills are essential for online success. It is a great bond of a writer with the audience. It helps you improve sales and credibility and build your brand’s reputation. Copywriters help business owners create great content, which helps content marketers. You need to update your knowledge to hit the target audience, even if you are a professional copywriter. Effective copywriting can be done by keeping oneself updated with the art of copywriting and content strategy.  All the above-mentioned copywriting blogs are really helpful in knowing various ways to improve your skills.

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