40 Places to Find Freelance Photography Jobs: Tips and Job Listing 2024

places to find freelance photography jobs in 2021

Are you a good photographer and searching for a job?

Are you looking for a freelance photography job?

Are you tired of your regular fun photography and need some professional experience?

We share the best options for finding a freelance photography job. Before starting, let’s see what you need to do in the first place. 

At the top of the list, you need to:

  • Have professional skills
  • Be competent
  • Make an attractive resume.
  • Start searching online

With the expansion of freelancing in every field, people don’t need to roam around searching for a job. Photographers are also on the list of freelancing. You need to be on the web, build an online portfolio, and have web-based social media accounts to display your work. 

Freelance Photography:

A photographer works online to take and edit photos along with videography. You can work with different mediums. Be it a newspaper, any brand, company, or individual shoots.

Several different online sites are hiring photographers on good packages. You need to approach them to pave your way toward success.

The best places for freelance photography jobs are:

Here I will present you with the best freelance photography jobs available online. You can choose the most suitable for you.

1. Facebook  

If you are a professional photographer you can post as a private individual, as an organization profile, or make supported posts on Facebook. There’s Facebook Marketplace, as well. You just need to post your work and leave your contact details along with it.

2. Instagram 

Just being on Facebook, post personally or as an organization, for free or under a sponsorship. Like Facebook, Instagram is the best option to advertise your work and wait for a job offer. You can utilize your posts to grasp the viewers’ attention and let others know how to approach you by sharing your contact details. 

3. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is more similar to an online media platform. You can connect directly to individuals or organizations on LinkedIn. 

Communicate something specific, laying out how you can help them, and present your work samples. You can search the site for open job offers.


Thumbtack is an employment board. Set up your profile, and wait for a suitable job offer. The customer then contacts you through your contact details, and you two make an employment contract. 

5. Upwork: 

Upwork is the best platform for a job hunt on the web. You need to set up a free account, and afterwards, you can offer your services for different jobs. If you want to apply for more job offers, you need to purchase different bid credit memberships.

You can choose different skills you are good at to offer your clients. If someone likes your resume, they will contact you for your services. 

When you submit your work,  the customer approves it and completes the payment procedure. Upwork charges its fee and adds the rest of the money to your account safely.

6. Guru:

It’s a home of freelance jobs for experts. Guru works a similar way to Upwork. A basic account is free, with few accessible offers. You can purchase a membership if you want to apply for more job offers. 

Once you start working, the funds from the employer become available to you. Guru will charge its fee and add the rest of the compensation into your account. 

7. Freelancer 

A freelancer offers you to search for limited job offers for free. However, memberships are accessible at additional expense—the freelancer cutoff its fee from your payment. 

Photographers can also post their work on the site as an open job offer. They can purchase memberships for having more job offers.

8. People Per Hour 

PPH is a job site with a similar business plan as Upwork and Guru. A basic account with a set number of offers is free. You can pay for an account membership that offers more bids or can buy additional offers. 

This site generally focuses on UK-based job positions. Offers like post-processing or graphic designing are available in large numbers. Photography jobs may include commercial and product shoots.

9. Virtual Vocations 

This site is best for people who have artistic skills and computer talents. It offers post-processing and graphic designing work. The jobs this site offers are remote ones and are very few. A basic account is free; however, you need to purchase a membership to get the site’s full advantage. 

10. FlexJobs 

Flexjobs enlists business work, occasion photography, portrait, nature, sports, and photojournalism occupations. You can pursue a set number of employment posts only by having a membership. 

11. Fiverr 

Large numbers of people use Fiverr for making logos and banners. It offers good deals to photographers as well. It commonly has offers for videography. Accessibility to the work is quick and easy. You can easily connect with potential clients through Fiverr. However, it does not offer very high payments.

12. Craigslist 

On Craigslist, you can discover both local and national job offers. It may offer permanent occupation or short-term job offers. It is free for everyone. Be cautious before choosing a job offer, as this site is full of scammers or fraudulent

13. Indeed 

The job offers on this site are genuine to apply for them right away, but you still need to be careful in some cases. You can upload your resume on the site and let the companies call you as per their requirement. 

You may find a full-time photography job or maybe a part-time post-processing offer. 

14. Monster 

Websites like Monster, Indeed, and Glassdoor post jobs in different fields and professions. So you can search for your domain easily. 

You need to type the keyword ‘photography’ or ‘photographer,’ and it will show you multiple job offers, including full-time and part-time jobs.

15. Glassdoor 

It is one of the top sites for searching for jobs. Different companies post on Glassdoor. So it is an excellent opportunity for people to approach their professional jobs by searching for good companies. 

Search the site for photography occupations if you have good photography skills. You can limit the search by location, full-time, low maintenance, or contracting job offers.

You can upload your resume and save previous searches. Glassdoor then contacts you when the relevant job offers are available for your application.

16. Get Photography Jobs 

It’s a job search board, particularly for photographers. You can choose a location or enter keywords to start your search. You can save previous searches and send the job board an email. 

By clicking on the job description link, it will take you to the application page. It will further connect you to the job link of a hiring company. It does not charge any fee, but it does ask for fulfilling some legal requirements in some cases.

17. Photography Jobs Online 

You pay a monthly expense to post your photographs to this site. It’s easy to upload your work, but there is no surety of sale for your work, except on this site. It works more like a microstock than an actual employment board.

Rather than getting tasks, you shoot the kind of subject that you want to. A few thoughts of things to shoot are nearby places of interest or gatherings of individuals doing things like eating, shopping, or moving at a club. Then you need to transfer your photographs to the site. 

18. The Creative Loft 

It offers a monthly membership and allows you to search for the jobs of your interest. This site usually offers jobs for videography and project-based filmmaking.

19. Journalism Jobs 

Photojournalism allows you to take photography projects for the journalism field only. You can search for photojournalism through the location. You need to upload your resume and let the company contact you.

20. Cruise Ship Jobs 

This site has open doors for you. As a cruise ship photographer, you have many photography options, including – events, portraits, or accompanying tourists on trips.

Search with keywords and get your dream projects online. At the point when you see something you like, follow the instructions to complete an application.

Companies vary by the way they handle online applications. However, you may need to give details, including your professional degrees or licenses. It helps you to see more job offers than what is available on the basic free account. 

21. Shutterstock 

A Shutterstock holds your images and video records. Individuals and companies go to the site to purchase your photographs. With different images numbering into the many thousands, purchasers have a great deal to browse. If they pick one of yours, you get paid. 

It isn’t the place where you dump your extra pictures. It’s more similar to displaying your best work. Try to upload the best photos. If you do that, your photographs can help you make money.

22. Getty Images:

It is amongst the first online sites for stock images and has a wide range of customers. Your portfolio and the quality of photographs matter a lot. Uniqueness is the only thing that attracts customers, so try to be unique in your work. 

You can choose your photography style and genre, which is a plus point on this site. By following the current trend in photography, you can earn a fair amount.

23. Airbnb:

It is a website offering real estate photography. You need to take photographs of places available for rent. You can simply visit the site and drop your job application. Your resume should be attractive enough to grab the attention of the clients.

Location in this job plays an important role. Suppose if you are living in a famous tourist area, it will help you a lot. You can easily travel to your photography spot and can complete your job. 

24. Obeo:

It is one of the largest real estate photography companies working in the U.S. It offers contract-based jobs. You upload your portfolio, and then they will approach you for an interview, after which you have to qualify for a test shoot. Then the final step is hiring. This job is best for realty photographers.

25. Stilio:

It works just like Obeo but with a few different packages. Stilio hires you as a contractual photographer and then books a client for you. You then follow the contract and complete your job as per requirement. You don’t need to do any image-processing, as Stilio itself takes care of these things. You can earn a pretty good amount through this site and receive your payment on completing the job assigned to you.

26. Oyster:

It is a Tripadvisor Company that hires you on a contract basis. The job offers on this site are a bit different; they may include photography assignments as:

  • Hotels
  • Mystery shopper guest
  • Scheduled photographer 

Payscale is attractive for contracted employees.

27. EveryScape:

It is a commercial real estate and advertising photographer. It assigns you different areas for the shoot, and then you need to set up your work schedule accordingly. At last, you need to upload your files and get your income. The places they assign you may include;

  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Business areas

28. Online Profile Pros:

It is a portrait photography freelancing job. It hires you to do environmental photography. You upload your portfolio along with your sample work, and then clients pick you depending on their choice and needs. You can earn a fair amount through this platform, but you need to be highly professional and competent.

29. National Geographic:

It’s a well-known brand of photography. To work with them, you need to be competent. You can simply upload your sample images, and if they select you, it will be the best opportunity for you to earn through this medium.

30. Car Dealerships:

They hire you to take photographs and photo editing for their stock to display it in an open market or online marketing sites. Once they hire you, they will pay you a good amount. You can also work part-time to earn extra income.

31. Local Temp Agencies:

Many local temp agencies are working to hire photographers, depending on the skills and availability that match your profile. You need to stay in touch with these local agencies to get hired. 

32. Work Hoppers:

This site offers a wide range of job opportunities. You need to post your profile; if clients select you, they will connect with you through your details. You can start your work once you find the right employer and receive your income from completing your job. They offer per-hour payment plans along with monthly payment plans. You can choose it according to your convenience.

33. Ladders:

It is one of the highest-paying job search sites. It gives you a chance to connect with high-paying companies and industries. You need to upload your resume and fill out a survey form asking:

  • What is your desired job?
  • What is your desired salary?
  • What is your current salary?

By completing the survey, the site will help you to connect with your desired job. 

34. Genuine Jobs:

This site has been working for 12 years and provides its services to people around the world. It gives updates for vacant posts daily and allows job seekers to apply for their desired job. It is free for users. You need to click ‘Apply now,’ and the list of different jobs will appear in front of you. You can choose the job for which you want to apply. 

35. Gigbucks:

This site works the same way as many others are working. You need to make your portfolio and upload it on the site. You can also mention the type of services you can provide to your clients along with your expected salary. Clients will view your profile and contact you if they find it more attractive than others. 

36. OnSite:

This site needs your professional portfolio along with your sample work. It allows the clients to pick the best freelancer, and they will contact you for further settlements, including your salary and working pattern.

37. Student Freelance:

This site is mainly for students who want to work as a freelancer. You need to follow the following steps to connect with your employer:

  • Create a profile/ resume
  • Search for the jobs that interest you

If you remain successful in your first project, it will lead you to several others. So it’s the best platform to earn money as a freelancer.

38. Job.com:

Job.com helps job seekers connect with top companies and employers from all around the world. It presents the list of employers, job vacancies, and companies that require an employee. You can search for the job you want and apply for it.

39. Simply Hired:

You can log in to their site with your account to get the latest updates on job vacancies through this site. Companies, LLCs, and employers post job vacancies on this site. You can search for the job you need and then connect with the company or employer by providing your details to them. 

40. Solid Gigs:

You need to provide your email to get the list of jobs. You will connect with the team of Solid Gigs and tell them about your profession. They will help you connect with the employers or companies that are offering your desired jobs. You will get a job alert every week from this site.

Tips For Finding the Right Freelance Photography Job:

I will share a few tips and tricks to help you with your job search:

1. Send the Right Samples:

If you are applying as a portrait photographer, you should upload your portrait photoshoot samples rather than the brand or product shoots. 

2. Get Clients Testimonials:

You can ask your clients for a written testimonial or video testimonial whenever you work with someone. It is a formal statement about your character and qualifications. It will help you get your desired job when you present your testimonials to your new clients-to-be. Social proof is a strong tool to convince someone to hire you for your excellent work. Positive client testimonials will help you to achieve your future goals.

3. Contact Directly To The Source:

If you are applying for a job as a freelancer through any website, you must complete an investigation before applying. Always try to go for a direct link with the hiring manager of any online website. It will save you time and help you connect with the right employer.

4. Write an Attractive Cover Letter:

Always try to write an attractive cover letter for your resume. It shouldn’t be too formal; instead, it should reflect your personality. Your cover letter must have these things:

  • Address a real person (such as Mr., Mrs. Sir, Madam, Hiring Manager, etc.)
  • Do not write over a formal cover letter.
  • It should reflect your personality.
  • Try to keep it short and to the point.

5. Follow Up:

Once you submit your profile, it doesn’t mean you do not need to follow your application. Sometimes clients like your profile but do not get time to review it or contact you. It is important to follow your job application by contacting the hiring manager or other concerned members.

The Pros Of Freelance Photography Jobs

Freelance Photography is not stable employment, unlike other typical jobs, but it has many benefits. Just have a look:

  • You can earn per hour.
  • You are free to do a creative task. 
  • It offers flexible hours for working.
  • You have more chances of getting better jobs on good wages.
  • You can perform your regular tasks besides freelancing. 

Choose the best option for freelancing and be professional while signing a contract for a new job.

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