Tools for Working Remotely


Focusing on work while working remotely is a challenging task. There are many essential tools for remote team collaboration. Team communication is important for online work. Every employee should know about remote working tools or online collaboration tools to keep the team on track. It is essential to know the basic collaboration tools that you need to work remotely effectively.

Define your Workspace

It is essential to set boundaries and create a balance between personal and professional life. For this purpose, it is better to have a separate working place. It is good to choose a room or area separate from the entire house or a quiet place. Your workplace should be free of distractions and clutter. An adequately set workplace will help you feel yourself in an office. Likewise, the chat feature in online work keeps you engaged all the time, so you should avoid this by proper remote collaboration with your colleagues.

Organization and Scheduling

Working from home can let your family feel that you are always available. Therefore, it is better to set a proper schedule for your work and let everyone know about it. With the right plan, you can efficiently work remotely. It is better to use a time tracker for this purpose. It will help you on keeping the tasks organized and will keep you away from procrastinating. It will help if you do not take any personal phone calls during your working hours.

Take Breaks

One of the drawbacks of working remotely is that people often work late at night. The time does not seem to suffice while working remotely. Hence, it is essential to take proper breaks for rest, tea, etc., in the office. You should set appropriate boundaries between personal and professional life.

Set a Laptop/Desktop

Working online entirely depends on technology. If you do not have a desktop or a laptop, you will not do any work. Therefore, it is essential to set up a proper setup to use. Moreover, your remote workplace should have an appropriate electricity connection, so you do not have to leave your workplace to charge the gadgets.

Use Remote-Working Software

Without proper software, you will be cut off from your company and colleagues. Several software available online can help you work remotely in a secure, fast, and reliable way. There are different tasks like communication, meetings, project seminars, notes taking, to-do lists, managing finances, etc. There are other applications available for each job.

For time management, you can use software like Hubstaff, WorkHours, Timely, RescueTime. For note-taking, you can rely on Notion, Evernote, Slite, Google Keep. For managing the project, you can use Slack, GitHub, Trello, and Asana. For meetings, seminars, and conferences, you can use Zoom;, Google Hangouts, or Microsoft Teams.

Get Access to Stable Internet

While working online, make sure that you have a stable internet connection. If your internet does not work well, it will make you frustrated and uneasy and take much time to complete.

Cloud Storage

As you are working from home, you cannot talk to your boss and colleagues repeatedly. Cloud storage is an excellent option of a productivity tool. Your boss can update the work, and the entire team can see the changes.

Stay Focused

Remote work has many distractions as well. Your family may create noise that can distract your focus from your work. The business owner should make sure that the employees stay focused, motivated, and on track. The employees shall have these basics:

  1. A right physical door will help the children and other members stay away from your workplace.
  2. If you do not have any extra room for work, you can divide some of your own space to work peacefully.
  3. It is better to have noise-cancellation headphones or earbuds. This will give you the feeling of working in the office.
  4. In the office, employees cannot open pop-up ads and start shopping due to the fear of the boss or maybe cameras. Therefore, work from home can distract you easily by pop-up ads that may push you to begin shopping instead of working. To avoid this situation, you should use ad-blocker software.
  5. Refrain from using your mobile phone repeatedly. Please keep it away during your office hours to properly concentrate on your work.

Working remotely is a huge challenge, but it can be fun to manage your time correctly by using practical remote work tools like Google Drive, screen sharing, file sharing tools, virtual meeting tools, project management software, video chat options etc.

What tools do I need to work remotely?

First of all, you need to have a working space and desktop or a laptop. Secondly, you need to have the software needed for your work like Microsoft Office, cloud storage, one Drive, time management software. 

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